Rockport or Bust

This is what the sky looked like as we left Skaneateles. On with the current part of the trip. I will be returning to Skaneateles on the way back and post more about it then.

I want one of these hillside farms! This is closer to New England and you can see the leaves in this area are still about a week away from full color.

Though most of the highway is bring these corridors of color are breathtaking.

After the exhilarating experience of driving close to Boston amidst angry fans listening to the Red Sox lose on their car radios, we finally are almost to our destination. I spy a house sitting in the middle of the water.

We start the windy drive through Rockport to reach our home away fom home.

Ocean and sea walls

The old Granite House

A qunintesential New England shingled cottage.

A small harbor right below our house. It is filled with fishing boat and we can sit on our porch and watch them come in at the end of their day. You can go down their and buy lobsters from them.

This salmon house is a very unusual color for this area.

These houses sit right on the water's edge.

Someone is even more excited than I am to arrive.

This house was on the market last year when we were here. It was priced at 2.9 million.

I love this old stone house with the ocean just behind it. It was made from the granite rock it sits on.

This house sits right next to ours looking out at the cove.

It is Monday morning and I will finally have a chance to walk around and take photos outside of my car. All the above were taking as we were driving. We are heading onto Salem in and hour so I will post again later today.


Laurie said…
beautiful homes, I love anything next to the ocean!
Pricilla said…
So beautiful. That's such a pretty part of the country. I haven't been up there in years.

The hubby lived in Vermont for about 10 years while going to college and Law School
Oh, I see Teddy! So glad he got to go to. Is he doing better now? What a beautiful trip. Someday I would love to go back East and take this same trip in the fall. Love the houses, wish they still built them that way. Thanks for taking us along with you.
Rue said…
How is Teddy doing with the journey? I hope she's enjoying the ride!

I love the buildings! And the thought of walking down the road to buy fresh lobster...divine!
Wonderful pictures! and wonderful houses, even if I thought that price was a bit high :-) I can see the hill side farms from my cottage and I really want one of them real bad :-) :-)
clairedulalune said…
Oh, I love new england houses! Especially by the water! The shingled house is my favourite!
Callie said…
Thank you for the lovely drive. Beautiful homes and scenery.
Anet said…
It's so lovely there!
Is your home the white one with the blue shutters? It's very pretty, if it is:)
Have a great time in Salem...hope you spy a witch or two!