The Salem Witch House

I am a sucker for this type of architecture. I think this house is beautiful! Someone built a replica of it in Topsfield, Mass. and it was on the market a few years ago and I really considered buying it. This is the house where the witch trials were held.

Click to enlarge. This stone sits right across from the witch house.

I am including signs on this post for those interested in a bit of history.

The Salem Inn is said to be haunted. We have stayed here many times but I never saw a ghost!

We had to stop at the little market by the post office to buy the best cranberry orange nut bread known to man. We have been to Salem more than twenty times and we never miss buying this bread.

This is the Joshua Ward House. This house was built on the foundation of the former sheriffs house who was responsible for the hangings of the witches. His name was George Corwin. He was buried in the basement because he was so hated that if they buried him elsewhere it was feared his body would be desecrated. He used an old English law that allowed him to crush someone to death to get him to plead guilty. That victim was Giles Corey. Before Corey died, he cursed the sheriff. The sheriff died five years later of unknown causes. Every sheriff of Salem since that time has died an early tragic death. All sorts of strange things happen in this house. Objects move on their own. The security system goes off all the time for no reason. Candles mysteriously have been removed from their holders and are bent in an "S" shape (sheriff?). It is believed to be haunted by both the sheriff and Giles Corey.

It is now a publishing company but no one wants to be alone in the building.

Salem's Town Hall. I want to live in this building.

The Old Burying Point. It looks like a fresh grave has been dug.

This cemetery is right in the middle of town. This is the second oldest cemetery in the United States. It is the final resting place to several of the key figures of the witch trials.

These tombstones are the original ones. This was an art form back when these were made. All the symbols stand for something. These are the ones that are replicated as Halloween props now.

Who are the people buried in this cemetery?

Oh no!!!! A fresh body!!! OMG....I know him!!!! I also owe him big time for this favor. My son!!!

A diagram of the cemetery.

The oldest headstone is of Dorthy Cromwell who died in 1673.

Following are memorial granite stones commemorating some of the witch trial victims.

Bridget Bishop was the first person executed for witch craft. She was a very outspoken woman and flashy in her costume compared to puritan standards of that time. She was almost 60 years old when she was hanged.

Sarah Good was one of the first to be accused of witchcraft along with Goody Osborne and Tituba. Sarah was described as being filthy and bad tempered and strangely detached from the rest of the village. They associated her with the death of their livestock.

Rebecca Nurse was 71 years old and the mother of eight. She had always been one of Salem's most respected and religious citizens.

John Proctor was a farmer and tavern keeper. He was one of the only men accused of witchcraft.

Giles Corey He is the only victim that was pressed to death by placing heavy rocks on his chest. When they tried to make him admit guilt he muttered.......more weight. He was a prosperous farmer and full member of the church. The Salem girls accused his specter of visiting them at night and asking them to sign Satan's book.

Martha Corey, Giles wife was hanged.

You can barely read this but it says....I am innocent.

You can see a presentation of the witch trials history inside.


Laurie said…
Thank you for sharing the photos and the history of Salem. I visited Salem several times as a child and found it fascinating. I would love to go back someday.
motheralice said…
Wow! I've never been to Salem, but I'd love to go. Thanks for sharing!
The gravestones and memorials are very sobering reminders of the insanity of persecution. On a lighter note, your son is a good sport!
I´ve been reading about This taown and the witch trials and it is a nasty storie. Thanks for the pictures!

We too got our witch hunts, just as nasty. Most of those convicted got their heads chopped of and aftyer that they were burned. But one got burned alive. Only one man had the sence of protesting over here and finally they started to listen to him.
Have a great day now!
Anet said…
This is awesome! We are homeschoolers and we are studying the Salem Witch Trials next week. I'll be back with my son to show him all of this!
I can't wait to go there myself someday:)
Touchatou said…
Those toombstone are really a sight : they give me the chills. Those people were victims of their neighboors, people they had known, "good christians". What a shame. Thanks for showing us.
Gosh how neat! I have to visit sometime.
Aussiemade said…
Somewhere I have always wanted to visit. Love the information and photos. Very interesting.
Patty said…
I love the cemetery shots. Thanks for posting so many great photos
Pricilla said…
OK - I'm being stupid but I can't figure out how to enter the contest....*sigh*