This is the Salem Witch Museum.

A bronze statue of Roger Conant. He is Salem's founder.

There are bed and breakfasts all over Salem. This is the Stepping Stone Inn and it is just next to the Witch Museum.

Crow Haven Corner is one of the top witch stores.

The Fool's Mansion sells wonderful costume pieces made on the premises.

Salem was a very wealthy town in it's day. There are magnificent houses and buildings.

It's Halloween all year long in this town.

This store was not open when I was there this morning but I am going back on Friday to see this book.

The building in the back is the welcome center. They tried to build it closer to the street but this site is haunted and they had so many problems they ended up moving it to an adjacent lot.

Psychics from all over come to Salem for the Psychic Fair each year. You can have your cards read, your palm read....just about anything you want!

The Phantom of the Opera needs a new pair of shoes.

This is the town to visit to find out what you will be doing next week.

I was almost run over by a trolley several times today.

Salem has a pedestrian mall that is about six blocks long and lined with gift shops.

I am always so tempted to get another one.

The woman that owns this shop can mix scents to match your favorite perfume. Her custom scents are extraordinary. And she ships!


A sampling of things sold in this store.

If you don't know it already you can buy a book and learn about it from here.

Awesome architecture.

I guess a card shop in Salem has to offer tarot readings.

The newest Salem Witch shop.

Random cute cat.

Who's real....who's not?

Truth in advertising?

And if you don't think I am the cutest dog you have ever seen.....

....then bite me!!!

Random dog.

More Salem tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that.


CatHerder said…
Great pics...we wont be able to make our pilgrimage up there until the first week of November, if at all this year...Salem is one of my very fave places...I was thrilled to be able to sell some of my jewelry wares at the Cat the Crow and the Crown last year...its such a great place to hang out!
Pricilla said…
I never did get to see Salem so I thank you...
Anonymous said…
Oh my......I think I'm Salem. I wish I was there right now!
Ahh...memories. I was just haunting all of these very same places just a week ago. I laughed at how I knew exactly what was in your photos. Did you go inside the Hex store? That was a really neat store. Loved all the voo doo stuff and the lovely Italian Psychic Lori Bruno sitting in the front window. Have not ever heard that about the 'haunted' site of the welcome center, very interesting. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever noticed the welcome center before. Be sure to drive/walk up and down Chestnut street if you haven't already to see those fabulous mansions of the late Sea Captains and Merchants. That was new for me this year and the architecture is just lovely! Have a great time Jaz! :o)
Rue said…
I would spend sooo much money in this town! Thanks for the pictures - I love getting a tour!
Thanks for the pics. would love to visit!