Skaneateles (skanny-at-less) and a Giveaway

I love this little Finger Lakes town.

Yum.....I could eat this architecture.

An ironwork balcony.

Click for a better look. This house is on the main street.

A park at the tip of the lake is also located on the main street.

The public library.

Aristocats and Dogs

And your dog is invited inside and given a treat!

A lakeside restaurant.

New condos in an old building overlooking the lake.

Every place is decorated for Fall.

The town clock.

Everone seems to own a dog in this town.

People carry treats around with them and pass them out to the pups.

And most dogs like the lake a lot.

Some like to drink the lake. Check out the tongue!

And some of them like to sit in the very cold lake. People who know Chow Chows will be surprised by this pic. Chow Chows hate to get their feet wet. We've had days when it is raining and Teddy will not set foot outside. But show her a body of water and she is right in. If we would let her, she would be swimming here.

This cutie patootie's name is Molly.

I love her tail.

This town really celebrates holidays.

What a great town for trick or treating.

I love what they've done with these pumpkins.

This is early morning before people are up and about.

It gets very crowded here.

Look at this cute kitchen shop.

Pomodoro sells stationary and decorations.

This is such a cute store.

Chestnut Cottage

I love this wreath.

They are decorated for Christmas.

Every room on the first floor has gifts.

Nice sign.

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clairedulalune said…
Oh my stars, this is my dream place to live! I want to go to the Christmas shop! Ohh lovely! Thank you!
Laurie said…
Oh I love Chestnut Cottage. My dogs would love to visit a store like Aristocats!
Autumnforest said…
I have to admit, I'm glad I don't live in that village, I'd have been 30 years old before I knew how to spell it! Teddy looks quite pleased with herself. What a ball of fluff. Our chow-chow/golden retriever mix was a water nut, but she didn't have the chow-chow fur, just the curling tail and dark tongue. Teddy must have been a bit weighted down when she came out of there.
Is this your home town Jaz? This really is lovely and quaint place. Would love to stroll around here sometime. The shoppes look great.
I want so much to go and visit it all for myself.... Everything is so beautiful...
Pricilla said…
I would have thought a store named Pomodoro would have sold kitchen products....

I am so loving these photos.
Suzie said…
What a fantastic little town! I love places like this, but it is so hard to leave!

Besides the fun shops, I love meandering around looking at the beautiful buildings and homes!

Thanks SO much for sharing this incredible journey with us! It has been fantastic!!!
oldblackcatboo said…
I love this post! I'm not able to go on any roadtrips this fall due to lack of time (and funds) but I feel like I went on one after this post! Great pics!!!
Rue said…
I love the shops that look like homes! Everything is decorated so nicely, and looks so well-kept!
motheralice said…
Lovely town! And what a name! It looks like a perfect movie set. I love the last pic with the moon/lady sign.
Yet another beautiful town! I have to fly over the ocean to see it for myself one day! There is nothing like them over on this side of the Atlantic. I´m glad that You wrote how to say the name, I would never have managed to say it right otherwise :-) :-)
Have a great day now!