Teddy Update

Sorry I have not put up a new post yet. When I returned from yesterday's trip I found Teddy looking very lethargic. We rushed her to the vet. She has a temp of 105.3. We ruled out heat stroke because it was a rainy cold day and she has been doing no exercise due to her bad knee. They kept her overnight and it took 7 hours to get her temperature down. Now we are suspecting autoimmune disease and she is going to have to see more specialists. I am behind on everything but will post in the next few hours. The trip was terrific and we got some truly unique pictures!


Anonymous said…
Oh no.:( I'm so sorry. Poor Teddy. Lots of love and energy coming for you and Teddy.

Sending healing thoughts for Teddy, the poor wee pup!
Pricilla said…
Oh, I am so sorry. I wish I could give you a hug. I am sending lots of positive thoughts Teddy's way.
Oh Jaz...I do hope it's not Autoimmune disease. We lost one of our beloved Pomeranians to Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. We spent several months in and out of the vets office for blood tranfusions and medicines. They didn't work so they tried bovine plasma or something like that. He had to have prednisone from a regular people phamacy. And after a long struggle Teddy lost his fight to that. Yes...I just realized that our dogs shared the same name, strange! And not everyone has a bad outcome with the treatment though. And your Teddy's AI might be something completely different to what my Teddy had. But regardless...it's a very taxing ordeal to go through and I am really hoping that your Teddy just ramps up and starts to make some good progress here soon so as to not have to go through a bunch of treatment. I will continue sending her lots of postive vibes. Happy Saturday!
Poor Teddy! and You too! It´s so terrible not to do anything to make her better! I really hope it´s something else than an autoimmune disease!
Take care!
SeeThroughGreen said…
Oh! I hope Teddy feels better soon!
Well wishes coming your way
Autumnforest said…
Did they ever aspirate her injury to see if she has MRSA? (methicillin-resistant staph aureus) the drug-resistant bacteria. Did she do any courses of antibiotics? Oh, poor Teddy boo-boo. Give her cuddles and pets from all your readers. Take care and get some rest yourself.
Laura said…
Keeping my fingers crossed that Teddy will be better soon.
Aussiemade said…
Oh Jaz my heart jumped into my throat when I read this. Such a worrying time for you all. Positive thoughts, poor Teddy, after all the heatstroke, knee, now this..
Rue said…
Sending you and Teddy hugs and healing energy. I hope the vets can do something!
Nydia said…
Oh, crossing fingers from Brazil for Teddy! I hope it's not too serious.

Kisses from us.
Ancel said…
I was going to write to tell you what a Hallowe'en walk home I had tonight, in the dark through the forest with close to a full moon overhead. First a tarantula was sitting on the path, and then a huge toad hoped in front of me, and finally up near the house a coral snake! These are red, yellow and black stripes - perfect colour for a Hallowe'en snake, they even look orange when they move quickly.
And then I read about Teddy. Oh dear - well at least maybe they know what is wrong and you can all start from there. Hoss, Lady Jane, Quito, Lyla, Duku and Pika are all wishing Teddy well, the farmer and I too!
Bridgett said…
I'm so sorry to hear about Teddy.
Please keep us updated.

Laurie said…
I am sorry to hear that Teddy isn't doing well.
Blessings and Hugs for Teddy))
Soraya said…
I hope teddy feels better soon!!! Glad you had a good trip though.