Witches and Pumpkins and Pies, Oh My!!!

This witch weathervane sits on top of my garage. She oversees everything happening in my gardens.

She keeps and eye on my pumpkins.

And she watches the squirrels eat the corn on the stalks.

The pool was closed today. The end of another summer....yahoo!!!!

Isn't this a beauty?

Bittersweet is another favorite of mine.

The dogwood berries are bursting their seams.

Ahhhhh.......Indian corn. Look at those colors. It almost does not look real.

My kind of hood ornament.

The reason the pool was just closed.

The mums have all bloomed.

These are my favorite flowers.

Ornamental cabbage.

Another beauty. The weather is cool. The day is gray. It puts me in the mood for.......

Shepard's pies and........

a nice piece of.......

gingerbread cake with lemon icing!

*Halloween memories: I remember waiting for what seemed like hours to leave the house to trick or treat. My costumes were almost always the kind with the plastic masks. Those masks were comfortable for maybe 5 minutes and then your breath started condensing on the plastic which made your face wet and the elastic band would dig into the back of your head and get caught in your hair. None of this slowed me down much though.

Teddy Update: Teddy has Lyme disease. And I diagnosed it. Oh boy......I can't tell you how frustrating this has been. Six different doctors saw her and no one connected the symptoms. One vet ran the test but it came out negative. It doesn't show up in her blood work because she is in the acute phase. The main symptoms of Lyme disease are high temps, lameness and lethargy, all of which she has. The super duper vet hospital, state of the art and all that did not even run the Lyme disease test on the blood they took because she is on Frontline. Guess what? Dogs get Lyme disease even when you use Frontline. So, now we are on a two week course of antibiotics and crossing our fingers that this does not become chronic. Thank you all again for all of your very nice well wishes for her.


Good thing you were on the case, Dr. Jaz! Now that there's a correct diagnosis, proper treatment can begin. Best wishes to Teddy!
Autumnforest said…
Yahoo! I was hoping it was something as simple as Lyme because it is treatable with the right antibiotics. The yard looks amazing--I love the pool area! The witch is awesome--I like the way she stands guard. The cake looks uber nummy. I do little chicken pot pies that same way with little ramekins. It's the guys' favorite. Have a magical day.
Yart said…
I'm happy for you that you found out what is wrong with Teddy. It can be very frustrating not knowing. Oh, and I just love your weather vein. Now I'm a search to find one for myself.
Brightest Blessings,
Poor Teddy! But if finding lyme disease early it seldome gets chronic. I hope for the best for her!

Great pictures today! I do like the weathervane and the Indian corn!
Have a great day now!
Of course, the Lyme disease makes sense. Poor Teddy, all this suffering before it is discovered. I am not very impressed with the vet, are you? You would think that would be something they would suspect right away. I hope this is the beginning of Teddy's recovery and that no permanent damage has been done. I love the weather vane! Just wonderful! I have enjoyed your pumpkin projects and displays. I always look forward to seeing what adventures you go on each weekend. Yum,on the gingerbread cake. I might have to try some too, especially with the lemon frosting! Thanks for sharing Joyce.
The Frog Queen said…
Oh, I hope Teddy gets better. I am glad that you at least know what it is...hopefully that is a big step forward.

Love the pictures of your yard, amazing my dear, you should be proud!! Thanks for sharing.

I hear you on the Halloween costume....broght back memories of plastic masks :)

Soraya said…
*big hugs* I hope teddy comes out of this stronger :) I think lyme disease was why we had to put my dog down, but we didn't figure it out until she was in horrible condition.

I'm so envious that you have leaves. Down here it's still 90 degree's so... there won't be any foilage for me to view.

greekwitch said…
Blessings and healing wishes for Teddy! It is frigging unbelievable that the vets did not see it right the way!
Laura said…
I love the weathervane! I want one! keeping my fingers crossed for Teddy.
Touchatou said…
Ah look at that weathervane ! I love it !

The Indian corn looks like pearls : it is gorgeous.
Soraya said…
My mom told me that she didnt have Lyme, but we had to put her down because she got sick from all the tick bites... but she didnt have Lyme O_o
She was about 10 I think... if I remember correctly.
yeah I was perfectly content living up north, mom decided florida would be better... im disagreeing now.
Rue said…
A speedy recovery to Teddy. Hopefully the new meds will work fast and she can be her old self!

I remember those plastic masks and costumes. I only had to wear them a year or two before the fact that they were too flammable, took them off the shelves. No more wet faces after that!
Pricilla said…
I think that witch would need 6 pairs of eyes to watch all of your pumpkins!

I am glad you have figured out what is wrong with Teddy and I hope the antibiotics work.
Ancel said…
Well that's good. I bet you're right 'ticked off' with the vets! (sorry, very poor pun)
Looks like Autumn has arrived. So many lovely things to see here.
JOC said…
Wow, I've never seen Indian corn before and I assume it's not just ornamental? And Teddy, good luck on the road to recovery. Our Terry is using his leg much better after recovering for a couple of weeks, he's even worked out that he can jump on the bed again!
Love all your pictures - all the autumn colours.
Glad you have found out what is wrong with Teddy and hope she will now recover - give her a hug from her friends in Norway.
chib said…
Best wishes for Teddy, I am sure will come out and recover fully.
Guillaume said…
I love, love, LOVE the weathervane. We saw loads like this one my wife and I in our first visit in Brittany. The other pictures also put me in an Halloween mood.

About the Indian corn: in Qu├ębec, we used to have a tradition, to peel the corn with the neighbourhood, in a party/gathering that we called "├ępluchettes". If there was a black corn in the bunch, the one who found it had the right to kiss the person he liked.
Judith said…
poor teddy!!!! I know how he feels, I had it almost 20 years ago! Stupid deer ticks! I had 2 months of meds, and even though it's over... it's morphed into fybromyalga. From what I hear that happens a lot.
AwtemNymf said…
MmMMmmMmMmMm- have any of the shephaers Pie left or that Gingerbread cake? I'll fly over in a jiffy!
Would you mind sharing your recipe for the shepherds pie? I've misplaced mine and would rather ask someone whose (tried & true) made it before?
Opal Moon Enchantments
Laurie said…
I hope this course of antibiotics does the trick. Hopefully she will be feeling better soon!
Save me a piece of that cake...
Patty said…
I love the photos. I never thought of using lemon icing on gingerbread. I must try this. I hope the anitbotics kick in soon and Teddy is on the mend..I'm heading up to Gettysbrug for a week but will be back for a visit to your blog soon.
BelladonnasJoy said…
Oh, it's perfect time for gingerbread. Lemon icing? That's an idea. Thanks. Hope Teddy gets better soon. Lyme disease, poor Teddy.
Saga Herbdancer said…
I just found your most wonderful and excellent blog! I was looking at various posts and came across this one about your sweet little dog having lyme. I, too, have lyme. I have dealt with backlashes after getting it 9 years ago. Recently, however, I found out about teasel as a treatment. You may want to see if it would be a good treatment for Teddy if you see repercussions from the lyme. It really seems to have helped me.

This is the blog that I found out about it from:


I love your witchy things! You have wonderful decorating tastes, it is simply gorgeous!