You Want Pictures....I Give You Pictures

Rockport from the water.

Every store is decorated for Halloween and Fall.

There is a tiny peninsula that juts out from Rockport called Bears Neck.

It is a tiny little enclave.

Too cute and very New England.

Everyone seems to have dogs.

This restaurant is right at the tip of Bears Neck.

An historic building also at the tip of the peninsula.

The Old Stone Fort

This is the view of the cove just behind the building.

An old abandoned shack next to it.

A sailboat moored in the cove.

These granite sea walls keep the boats safe during big storms.

This store is ready for Halloween.

Cool witch!

I now own this pillow.


I forgot that today was Columbus Day.

Big mistake heading to Salem. All schools were closed and I think all the kids headed to Salem. It was too crowded. So this is a quick trip and I will be returning on Wednesday.

This is one of the major witch stores. Crow Haven Corner.

Creepy Guy will drive you around Salem for a tour.

Creepy Guy is.....Creepy!!!!

Or you could take a tour on Tales and Tombstones.

This is one of my favorite stores....The Broom Closet. Check out the grapevine pentagram in the window. Click to enlarge any of the pictures.

They are always ready for Halloween.

This is a relatively new place.

The witches are already out. Actually, they are always out here.

Customized fangs.

The store owner.

My daughter just had to buy a pair.

And just in case you need one, you can also have customized wounds done at this place.

This is the original Daniel Low building. He was the jeweler who made my sterling witch spoons in the 1800's.

Check out the face on this little guy wearing his bat wings. His name is ZuZu. He is owned by a witch. The wings are fake, the tooth is real.

The Daniel Low building is now a restaurant.

Even the photos in this town are a bit scary and can change before your eyes.


Some of these people are real and some are not.

In the lobby of the Hawthorne Hotel you can enter a contest to guess the weight of this enormous pumpkin.

Hmmmmm...more or less than a ton???? I guessed 878 lbs.

Salem was too crowded and it was hard to get good pictures. So, we left and returned to Rockport.

We headed straight to our favorite cupcake store. If you are ever in Rockport, go to Bears Neck and try every single cupcake this guy makes. Take it from a cupcake expert, this guy has the best. Oh baby these are some Jesus cupcakes cause they walk on water!!!

They do rock.....and after a few, I now roll.

Interesting story for an interesting place.

And no decent New England town would be complete without salt water taffy. One should always buy salt water taffy to finish off a meal of cupcakes. It is a vacation after all. Whomever invented the taffy pulling machine must have been married because old fashioned taffy pulls done between men and women were a way of meeting your future spouse. They were a very social activity in Victorian times. Erotic taffy pulling.....not even going to go there!

How cute is this store?

Most of the stores have living space on the second floors.

Another cute one.

This is a silver smith's shop.

It's covered in cedar shakes.

Bears Neck has many art studios.

And one last pic for today and my favorite. You can see the lobster traps on the back of the boat. Tomorrow I will show you the shop these lobsta's went to. This lobsterman is the shop owner. He pulls into the cove, the one protected by the granite sea walls and unloads these straight into the tanks in the shop. You can't get them much fresher than this unless you catch them yourself.

I am posting this tonight because it might take you the rest of the week to look at the entire entry and also because I am heading to Maine for the day tomorrow and won't be posting again until tomorrow night. So rest your weary eyes until then!!!


Rue said…
Love, love, love the photos! Never too many for me. The stores are just wonderful! I would spend every dime I had in stores that cute! Oh - and good find on that sassy pillow!
Anonymous said…
I'm in awe! I want to visit Salem so badly! I especially want to shop at the Broom Closet. Beautiful pics as always!
Autumnforest said…
Lobster and saltwater taffy, oh my! I love the grapevine pentagram and the photos that people turn into spooky stuff--those are cool. The doggy with wings--wickedly neat. I hope you find some cool things in the witch shops. I'm sure the freak show in October there is pretty cool too. More pics! Have a safe and happy time.
Anonymous said…
Oh how I loved seeing Salem last year. DH and I only got to spend one afternoon there, but I crammed as much in as I possibly could.

I love looking at all of your photos. There are just lovely....
Lyon said…
I'm agreeing with Rue here, there are never too many photos for me. Thank you for sharing, I'm enjoying reading about your journey!
Laura said…
Okay, I really think I have to vacation there sometime. It is so beautiful! I've been to Salem once and would love to go again. I went to Crow Haven Corner while I was there. It was interesting. Can't wait to see more!
Looks like you're having a fabulous time! Thanks for sharing your pix and stories!
Great pictures!
If I ever cross the big ocean I know I have to visit both Rockport and Salem!
I love that little dog :-) :-)
have a great day now!
Marjorie said…
Awesome pics! Salem looks like my kind of town (my dd always says I'm a witch anyway)!
Pricilla said…
Other than the lobsters the hubby brought me when he went diving the best lobster I ever ate was in a little restaurant in Maine. Mmmmm, fresh and yummy.

Beautiful photos. I wish I were there.
Touchatou said…
I love New England so much ! Rockport remembers me of Ogunquit. And it is so cool to see Salem again, even in pictures. I loved this city. I loved it so much because when you go there you can be your real self, without people staring.

Salt water tuffy ? Miummmm didt'n get to taste those sadly.

Zuzu is a darling, in a devilish way ! A little like my Carbone, the tooth included ! I often call her my little bat. ;)

I want teeth like your daughter !! I would scare the local people here ! lol
Judith said…
ahhhh, ooooohhhhhh, wow!!!! Keep them coming!!!! Love the pic's!!!!!