And Then It Was Time To Go Home

The town next to Skaneateles is Auburn, New York. It sits just north of Owasco Lake.

It has a beautiful little park that Teddy likes.

The ducks are so tame they barely move when you approach them.

It has a quaint little gazebo.

And fountains in the pond.

Everything in this park has been build or planted as memorials to people from Auburn who have died.

Auburn was the home to Harriot Tubman.

Then we headed to wine country.

This is a beautiful winery on Seneca Lake but it wasn't open yet.

It was a perfect Fall morning.

Next we stopped at Fox Run Vineyards.

Creative pumpkin carving. They weren't open either. Wineries are best visited in the afternoons.

We passed many little family cemeteries.

This is cabbage country. The largest sauerkraut company in the country is a few miles away and there are cabbage fields as far as you can see. On the highway we passed massive trucks loaded with cabbages. Cabbage leaves were flying through the air.

We stopped at this little farm stand and bought cabbages bigger than bowling balls.

Then we came across this honey stand.

The woman that owns the stand paints many of the honey jars.

This place, like most others, works on an honor system. You take what you want and leave the money in the box. I bought 20 pounds of honey. They were selling it for $4.00 a pound. Granola making is in the near future!


Pricilla said…
What a honey of a deal....heh heh
Family cemeteries aren´t allowed over here. But I like that idea. Over here it is the ordinary cemeteries or being spread in the ocean that is allowed.

I like it when they trust people enough to place the honey like that, sort of gives hope for humanity that this till happens :-) What a nice thing to paint the jars too!

Have a great day now!
Autumnforest said…
Oh my gosh! Teddy is such a showoff! She's soooo beautiful! I love the cemetery shots. I'm such a cemetery freak--especially New England's. Thanks so much for sharing your trip. It really makes me think of places I'd like to see next time in the East.
I like the kegger pumpkin!
Touchatou said…
What a nice place ! And those honey jars are beautiful.
Rue said…
Teddy is quite the tour guide! She really knows her way around!

I would be so excited to come upon a honey stand! They are the first places I stop at the farmers markets. Beautiful bottles!
greekwitch said…
I can't wait for the granola. Always wanted to make my own!
By the way the park seemed so lovely and peaceful!
Oh , I do so love cabbage , i wish I could find someone who grew it in excess near me.
It amazing what one can do with pumpkin now. Mine don't look like that at all.
Green grass we sure have fall like looking weather.
No leaves on the trees at this time.

Coffee is on.
Jennifer said…
Teddy looks to be enjoying the day! That is so neat that they sell honey like that. It sure looks like fall in those pictures!