The Beautiful Houses of Skaneateles

Skaneateles has under ground railroad history.

This house once hid slaves. The house had a "blind cellar", inaccessible unless you knew the secrets, which fooled the authorities. Later this house became a meeting place for people like Charles Sumner and Cassius Clay. The front door is a fine example of a Salem doorway.

This lake house is an entertaining room for....

...this gorgeous house.
This was a rundown farm house a while back.

Now it is a spectacular B&B which my kids and their friends will be staying in when we visit for Dicken's Christmas. No pet's allowed so we will stay in our usual place.

This is the scene across from the B&B. They've planted their own vineyard.

Some of these houses have their own family cemeteries.

This house is presently on the market for $449,000.00 It sits high on a hill and has a fabulous view of the lake.

This one is just across the street from the lake and is listed at $1.2 million.

A lot of these homes have Italianate architecture.

This home sits right at the edge of the lake.

This stately home, of Victorian Cottage architecture, was built in 1883. It was designed by the famous architect Stanford White. The foundation is four feet thick. It has 13 working fireplaces.

Even the more modest houses are well kept and charming.

A perfect rocking chair porch.

Click to enlarge to see the incredible details in the woodworking on this house.


If you look closely you can see that these people lined the top of their front door with pumpkins. Coupled with the mums in the urns it makes for an elegant, simple fall look.

This house is on the market for $499,000.00. The walls are stone and it is trimmed in classic Gothic style.

It sits on 14 beautiful acres.

I love this front door...

..and the columns on the front porch.

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Pricilla said…
So beautiful. I love all the different types of architecture. Thanks for taking the time to share it with all of us.

Congrats to Tori!
Rue said…
I would live in any one of those homes - so lovely! I especially love the sun porch with the grand windows on the 3rd house from the end of your post - stunning!

Thanks for keeping us posted on your tour! Can't wait to see more!
Beautiful houses! But those prices wasn´t that high to be honest. Like a small house close to Gotheburg (but way to much to what I could afford :-) :-) ).

I love to see the architecture over at Your country. It´s so different than ours.
Have a great day now!
Suzie said…
What beautiful homes! You have a gift for finding such charming places to visit! And I love that you share them all with us!
Autumnforest said…
I'm putting in my order for the gingerbread looking cottage with 14 acres! Ahh.... Those are amazing. How can anyone be sad, angry, or full of self-pity in such a magical place? Jeez, I'd wake up early every morning just to see the sun rise and chase lightning bugs in the bushes in the evening. :-)
Tori said…
Wow, those houses are amazing!! Who wouldn't love to live there? They are crazy expensive, but at least you get to look, right?

And, yay! I'll send you my address now. :)
greekwitch said…
Are you trying to make me move? Because i am crazy, i might! Ohh! I love this last home!
Laura said…
oh i want to live in all of them! :)
Jennifer Rose said…
o.0 i love all of those houses! would love to own one