The Beginning of the Trip

Teddy gets very excited when she sees the car being loaded with suitcases.

In the car a ready to go.

Just two weeks after the last trip, the trees are looking very different.

Only a few trees retain any leaves.

The moss is thriving in the cooler weather.

When the trees look like this it reminds me of Thanksgiving.

We drove through Seneca Nation territory. Click here to read more:

You can tell you are near a large body of water by the types of clouds you see.

These are over Lake Erie.

As u drive into Buffalo, the first things you notice are the power towers. Buffalo is close to Niagra Falls and that is power territory!

Click to read.

As we near Rochester, New York, we cross the Erie Canal. Picturesque small towns line the canal. For more info click on this link:

Each town has a bridge and rails that look like this.

The towns are small but very cute. The canal is mostly used for recreation now.

This town hangs pictures of people in the military on each of it's street lights.

On to the Finger Lakes.

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Pricilla said…
Now I have been through a lot of that area. It's lovely.

I have to chuckle at your Halloween countdown. Heh heh
Touchatou said…
Have a nice trip, dear friend, and thanks for sharing. ;)
Autumnforest said…
Wow, Teddy is my favorite model of all time. Her face is soooo expressive. I can see her going "go for a ride? go for a ride?" in an eager doggy voice. Lucky thing she likes the trips. Our dogs always fought against getting in the car--meant going to the vet. Yikes!
Rue said…
Teddy sure looks like a seasoned traveller!

Those clouds are really neat. I know that the great lakes have their own weather systems and can bring a storm in like nobody's business!

Not too many leaves left here either. :(
Lyon said…
If I haven't told you enough lately, allow me to now. I really look forward to reading your blog every day and peeking into your life via your awesome photos. Thank you for sharing with us, Jaz.
Jeanine DeNitto said…
what a darling pup! and i agree with lyon this is one weblog i really enjoy.
Jeanine DeNitto said…
and i love the music. so soothing.