Chicken Pies on a Sunny Fall Day

I'm going to miss these colors when they are gone.

Not long ago you couldn't see the end of this path.

Scary wisteria.

The mosses are thriving in this weather.

Kitchen door.

Leaves on the steps.

The ferns have made a comeback too.

Bay leaves.

I'm using the cistern as much as I can before it is closed for winter.

And now for THE chicken pie recipe:


While the chicken is roasting, I make a stock from the chicken giblets and wings.

I pour the juices from the chicken into the stock and allow the bird to cool.

The meat is then shredded and mixed with chopped tarragon.

I add some white wine to the stock and some flour rubbed into a knob of butter to thicken it a bit.

While the stock is simmering, I dice up several leeks.

Then saute' them in a bit of butter.

And then add about a cup of heavy cream. It's about to be winter and we all need some fat on our bones.

The creamy leek mixture is then...

...poured over the chicken and mixed in. I also add the zest of half a lemon at this time.

I use small pie pans to make individual pies.

Once the pan is full you cover it with dough cut to size and crimp the edges.

Then brush the tops with melted butter and cut a slit in the middle of each one to allow steam to escape.

They are baked at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. You will know they are done when the filling is bubbling and running out of the slits.

The tarragon and lemon provide a lovely touch of freshness.

This is simply the best chicken pie ever.

And since I am seriously into pie making these days, I bought a pie vent.

She is holding a little pie.


I love your pie vent! (oh, and your pies look yummy, too!)
Marjorie said…
It's a good thing I don't live with you or I would weigh about 5 tons!
Pricilla said…
What kind of pie is she holding?
Re "Ouch" -- Jeez, can't a chicken have a little privacy???
Peaufine said…
Too cool the pie vent ! I love the way you do your stock. It is a bit different from us but sure looks good and easier to do ! I'll try it next chicken ! ;)
I love the pie vent... it is adorable... you know your beef pies yesterday got me making little apple pies last night... almost made some chicken pot pies... yet I think I will leave that for this weekend... will say that roasted chicken looks too good to tear up for pies... think I would have had to cut into that... love the pictures... as usual..
Anonymous said…
Love the pie vent! And now I am hungry.
Laura said…
ohhh she is so cute! you are seriously making me crave pot pies. i'm going to have to make some soon.

Autumnforest said…
Yum! I can smell it all the way in AZ and my tummy is grumbling. The garden is just as inspiring this time of year as springtime!
Birgit said…
Now that's a perfect pie vent! :)

It's morning here -- and now I am already hungry for your chicken pie... What a start into the day.

-- Birgit

PS: I love your garden, wishing I was a fairy, so that I could live in it...
William Bezek said…
(Salivating) I love anything in pie crust and anything with cream, and then curse it the next day at the gym!
Rue said…
I love all the Fall colours you still have! The cistern is wonderful too - what a nice sound it must make!

Love the little witch-vent!