Christmas Vacation

I have the advent house from Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation.

It's all set up and ready for December 1st.

I'll show you each door as I open it.

Here are a couple easy wreaths to make.

Using old or new colored bulbs, hot glue them to a plain evergreen wreath.

I vary the size of the bulbs.

These are throw aways at the end of the holiday so buy inexpensive bulbs.

They also look wonderful done in golds and silvers.


Birgit said…
You have the advent house from Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation? Now I am green with envy... That's SO cool! Will you share a picture of each day's scene? Pretty please?!

Autumnforest said…
Oh boy! Yule-time at your house--I'm all for it! I love to watch the seasons pass through your eyes. You have a wonderful way of creating the alternate universe we should all live inside of. It's like coming home and finding comfort and security. All your work is greatly appreciated. Love the advent calendar--wickedly cool! That's one of my favorite Xmas movies!
I love that house! I didn´t know that it actully existed in the real world :-)

I haven´t made any wreath yet, I´m becomming more and more lazy :-)
Have a great day now!
William Bezek said…
The advent house is cool! Does the conservatory on the top floor light up?
Pricilla said…
Advent house? Is that like an advent calendar?
I did not see this movie...
OMG that advent house is the coolest thing ever! Can't wait to watch it open as the month goes by!
Touchatou said…
Such a nice and simple way to add spark to a decor. Thanks, dear ;)
Angela said…
OMG how cool is that! I love the advent house. I forgot all about it. I might have to go find one lol!
Maluszeq said…
Advent house? I know only about advent calendar which I like a lot :)
The wreaths look great, I haven't made one for myself since last few years :/ I think it's time to change that :]
Anonymous said…

I lost my Advent House to fire a year ago. Have been unable to find a replacement. If you ever consider selling yours, I would give three times what you paid. If any interest contact 806-259-3886.

Thanks, Davis