The Definitive British Meat Pie

Since I am gone all day today I decided to post my latest cooking endeavor. I can't make enough of these pies. I have never liked meat pies and don't care much for peas but here I am, obsessed with pies and even eating peas. Forget about any horrible frozen pot pie or pot pies made with store bought gravies and frozen vegetables. These have nothing in common with those. When made with good-quality ground steak and the right mixture of flavorings and pastry crust, this is delicious and one of the truly great pies. I am not going to bore you by writing out the whole recipe. If anyone really wants it after seeing all the steps it takes to get to the final picture, just let me know. At least scroll down to have a look at the finished dish.

I add pancetta for extra flavor.

I made a roasted vegetable gravy to serve on the side.

While the gravy is cooking I work with the pastry.

These tray baked pies use a lot of pastry.

The gravy is almost ready.

I always make my mashed potatoes from baked potatoes. I bake them first and scoop them out then mash them. You get a much richer potato flavor than when they are boiled.

The gravy is strained through a sieve before serving.


*I am off to market. Tomorrow I will post pics of the trip!


Guillaume said…
Looks delicious. This is the right season for meat pies. I miss Qu├ębec's meat pies, which look like that, except simpler (it only has mince pork meat and onions in it).
Mmmm, the corner piece -- my favourite! Looks dee-lish, as always!
Mother Moon said…
yumm as always... looks so good.. and I am sure taste even better.... looking forward to your market photos...
Kelly said…
This looks like the perfect meal...
Wow, that made even me, a vegetarian, mighty hungry :D

Looks delicious!
have a great day at the market!
Divaeva said…
mmmm...that looks scrumptious!
Sharon Day said…
That really makes me wish our temps would dip below the 70s in the daytime. I'd love to have that scent filling up the house!
Hibiscus Moon said…
*stomach growling* Oh, I NEED some of this right now.