Hurd Orchards

On my most recent trip, one of my main destinations was to stop at Hurd Orchards. I read about them several years ago and recently saw their products in Charleston Gardens catalog. When I saw that they were located in Western New York, I just had to go for a visit.

Upon arrival, you find a rather unassuming barn and store surrounded by orchards.

And then you look closer.

PUMPKINS!!! These women know what they are doing. Hurd is run by a mother/daughter/granddaughter team. And what a trio they are.

Everywhere you look you see the thought and time they have put into this place.

As one of the earliest farms in Western New York, they have specialized in fruit growing for over a century and a half.

The barn is filled with quaint tables and mismatched chairs. The tables are covered with plaid clothes and centerpieces of dried flowers from the gardens sit amongst jars of their homemade preserves.

They also sell bunches of dried flowers they have grown.

Flowers and herbs hang from the rafters.

Thematic luncheons are held in the barn.

They hold a Lilac luncheon in spring surrounding you with an abundance of blooms and scent while eating rhubarb and asparagus freshly picked from their garden. If you chose, you can pick your own to take home as well.

In Fall they host an Apple Pie and Apple Butter luncheon where you have the opportunity to eat warm apple butter right out of the kettle served on bread which was just removed from the bake ovens.

Each day a special dish is prepared along with a fitting dessert.

After shopping you can take the time to have a bite to eat.

There are endless varieties of apples to choose from.

And the preserves.....oh boy.....the preserves.

The shop is in front of the barn. I must confess, I went a bit crazy here forever leaving behind the ghost of an insane shopper.

It was almost too much to take in. Their baked goods are displayed in antique cabinets.

Pies and cookies and cakes and breads.

And just the most exquisite jars of the most beautiful jams and jellies you could ever imagine. The jellies sparkle like precious edible jewels.

Antiques and kitchenware can be purchased here too.

Look at this sweet old cash register and antique scale.

I am moving in here.....I wonder if they will notice.

And here they are.

Susan Hurd Machamer and her daughter, Amy Machamer.

I wanted to buy them too.

They weren't for sale so I bought all of their products instead.

I know I am an awful foodie but who wouldn't ooh and ah over this?

I want to wear these. Maybe I could dangle them off of a charm bracelet.

Cherry apple chutney.

They are almost too pretty to eat......almost.

Francie Pickles

Late Summer Harvest Preserves

Plum Berry Preserves.....Yum Berry Preserves!

Sour cherry and blueberry

This is my favorite. Cinnamon Honey Apple Spread.

They carry local maple syrup and honey.

Along with some seriously cute gifts.

Recipe Cards

Apple cider......which is actually full when you buy it. Sorry, I could not control myself. This is the best apple cider I've ever tasted.

These products are so wonderful I put them on a pedestal.....literally.

I was trying to get the best shots of them but my photography does not do them justice.

I never knew I could get so excited about preserves. Well, maybe I did but I never knew I would admit it. This business is worth embarrassing myself.

I mean really, these are prettier than my children.

I am making myself part with this little honey bear and one large jar of the Late Summer Harvest Preserves. To enter, you just need to sign on as a follower and leave a comment. If you are already a follower, just leave a comment telling what your favorite jam or jelly flavor is. The winner will be picked by a random number draw on Saturday, November 7th at 9:00am. If you are not lucky enough to win but still want to try some of these wonderful products or just have a look around at what they offer click this link: Hurd Orchards


Pricilla said…
I am an apricot goat.
thanks. you know I follow :)

Looks like a wonderful place to spend your last buck.
The Frog Queen said…
Thanks for sharing that. So cool, I would LOVE to go shopping with you. Think of the damage we could do! :D LOL!

Off to check out their website!

Mmmmm, I'm salivating! I love ANY kind of jam or jelly -- no exceptions!
Guillaume said…
I cannot believe that Halloween is over already and that Autumn will be gone soon too. I would love to try those chutneys and jams. They are perfect to prolong the season.
motheralice said…
These all look wonderful!! I love peach preserves, and at this time of year apple butter! Looks like you had a fine time out there. What a cool place!
Marjorie said…
OMG the orchard looks fantastic! If I had been there I am sure my head would have exploded. Please enter me in your draw. I love apple butter (& am stil salivating over the idea of eating it fresh out of the bin).
Birgit said…
Thanks so much for sharing all those great photos. This place is a piece of heaven!

My favorite jam flavor? Hmm, it's a tie between apricot and strawberry. :)

Greetings from Munich,
Yart said…
I have always been a fan of raspberry jam.... I like peach and strawberry, too!
Autumnforest said…
Talk about girl power! Wow! That has to the kind of life where you wake up every day and can't wait to begin your work. I can't think of a better existence ever!
What a fantastic place! We have nothing like it over here. They have really nice jars! I´ve seen something similar over here (empty then) and they costed more than I wanted to know :-) :-)

When it comes to jelly Rowan jelly is my absolute favourite. But when it comes to jam it´s something that´s called Arctic raspberry (it was the only english name I found on the net,Rubus arcticus) jam. It´s almost impossible to find in the stores, but it tastes soooo good :-)
Have a great day now!
Bronny said…
Thank you for all those wonderful images - I was wondering whereabouts the place was, because I could really imagine myself going there.....and then reality hit me and I realised it was all in another country!! I must dedicate myself to exploring similar setups here next autumn - I'm salivating looking at all those jars....
It really looks like a wonderful place to spend a few hours/days - thank you again.
Nydia said…
What a lovely place!!! Wish I could be there visitng it as ewll! :o)

Oh, another giveaway. how to resist? I love orange jelly! Thanks for one more fun!

Kisses from Nydia.
Touchatou said…
Those ladies : do they adopt costumers ? ;) They look so kind.

Their bottles are just so beautiful and well presented. I agree with you, you could almost wear them. ;)

I am a blueberry and sour cherry lover ;)
Myself, I'm a pickle gal. I love pickles!! I wish they places like that up here in Nova Scotia this time of year :( I love all the hanging herbs from the rafters...very pretty & useful, too!!
Tori said…
Wow! That is an amazing place.
Sea Gypsy said…
Yumalicious! Everything looks devine and Hurd Orchards looks amazing! Thank you for taking us along on your fun visit.

My favorite jam/jelly tends to change with the seasons. Right now I cannot get enough Apple Butter, but in the summer, it's Raspberry jam that has my heart.
tournesol said…
My everything is so beautiful!! I really like orange marmalade with butter, but wow, that sour cherry makes my mouth water. I love your site, the music is perfect.
Looks like a wonderful place.

Coffee is on.
Jane said…
This place and these products are so enchanting!! :)
kim said…
I love blackberry jam!! I grow wild blackberries so I can make it each year.
take care
Aussiemade said…
Oooh I guess Tassie is way too far to drop on in to try those wonderful preserves and jams(jellies) what an amazing delightful place. Another wonderful place to add to my list of not to miss delights when I go to USA. The thing I love is more and more of my not to miss items are not your typical touristy thanks to your blog and
sailorsheart said…
*Drool* My mouth is watering!!! I love me some jam/jelly. But I love Strawberry and Blackberry most!!!
C in DC said…
Sour cherry - yum, yum.
Love your blog and your great pictures. I love almost any type of jams or jellies but especially a pepper jelly with peanut butter on English muffings.

Ann said…
Makes me want to go on a road trip-lovely-I will sit in the back seat with the doggie -I like treats too-love apricot jam-reminds me of the wonderful years we lived in San Francisco-and made apricot jam Angie
J.Zeigler said…
Wow, I'd want to move in there, too!! I think I may have to replace my computer background with one of those pictures! LOL!!

My favorite is Blackberry jelly! It's just sooo delish! I love when they start comming in, I'll make batch after batch of it!