Porch Tree

I finished the porch tree yesterday.

It glistens at night.

The porch is complete.

I also finished my son's porch tree. Two down, four to go!

One of the eggnog moose cups from "Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation".


Autumnforest said…
I love the moose cup! I love when he downed it quickly and went nuts. That was hilarious. The trees are gorgeous. If you ever find someone curled up under the tree on your porch some morning, it's just me soaking up the atmosphere. Hee hee :-)
Nydia said…
Oh, your Christmas decoration looks absolutly lovely! And Ilove the moose cup too!

Kisses from Nydia.
Pricilla said…
I thought it was Bullwinkle...heh heh
Showing my age, I guess.
The porch looks lovely.
I love those egg nog muggs :-) :-)
So You dress the outside trees too?! I wouldn´t dare doing that. With my luck a storm would pass by and bring it all with it :-) :-)
Have a great day now!
Anonymous said…
You have THE most beautiful house! Love it!
Jennifer Rose said…
both trees are very pretty :)
The Frog Queen said…
Porch tree! That is so cool. I don't have a porch, but now I want one! :D

Suzie said…
Ok. . first I wanted your gardens, now I want your front porch! lol It is beyond beautiful! And I love the privacy screens at either end!

Compared with other homes built at the same time around here, it is how I envision our porch originally looked before some. .well, never mind what I think of whomever closed it in, sometime in the 40's, when it was converted into apartments. We have opened it back to a single family dwelling, and have very slowly been working on restoration.

I want to open the porch back up, but Hubs thinks that it is comfy the way that it is. Despite new roofing, it is leaking again, so after it is repaired, I've got to repaint and have a layout of decorative painting for the floor ready to start. I told Hubs that he had better start sitting out there to enjoy the porch, or I'll take a sledge hammer to start taking out the walls, myself! lol

Your decorations are super lovely, as always! The heck with living with plaster dust and a constant state of disrepair. I'm just coming to live in your house! You'll never know I'm there! lol
Sonia ;) said…
My goodness lady you are a busy busy bee...Looks fantastic.

Divaeva said…
WoW - what beautiful trees!! :)
& I need to get me one of those cups!
Touchatou said…
You are quite something ! Patient and full of ideas ;) Your porch is lovely.
William Bezek said…
My boring porch is waiting for you. WooHoo Wally World! Only the movie fans will know that.
Rue said…
My father would sell his soul for one of those moose cups! It's his favourite part of the movie!

The porch looks wonderful. If it wasn't so cold, I'd live out there!