Red Sky in the Morning

What a fabulous sunrise we had this morning.

This pic came out strange but interesting.

I thought red sky in the morning meant rain but there is no rain in the forecast.

My blog tech was amazed by these pictures.

I don't think he has ever seen a sunrise unless it was on his way to bed.

It was a perfect opportunity to point out what you can miss when you sleep til noon.

I am still squeezing out every bit of color from the garden.

Flowers die so gracefully.

Empty pods are beautiful.

Maple on boxwood.



Red hydrangea leaf

Indian corn.

Almost time for pine.

I made another recipe for meat pies yesterday. And I totally forgot to take pics until they were finished.
This is my favorite recipe so far. These use a boiled dough and are filled with ground lamb, spinach, pine nuts, onions, feta and spices. They are formed over jars and wrapped in parchment and tied with twine. Then they are filled with the raw mix and baked.

While they cooked, I made a roasted vegetable gravy.

These were a huge hit.

If you are on your way to a fair and see a pie man, it's probably me.


Wonderful morningpictures!! I love when the sky looks that way even if people says it means rain :-)

That meat pie looks delicious! We use to little lamb here in my country, so this was a great way to use it!
Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
Red sky at night sailors delight
Red sky at morning sailors take warning.

So says the the poem. Living with an old salt. So perhaps since you are not in a seafarin' area the red sky at morning didn't mean anything.
Aussiemade said…
That sky is so vivid for a morning sky. I love your garden photos too. Okay the pie is making my mouth water.. it is 4:00am here I am at work and well it is not right to put those photos
My version of the Pricilla's
Red sky at night shepards delight
Red sky in the morning shepards
You've outdone yourself with your pictures today! Beautiful!
Laura said…
Gorgeous photos. I'm baking pumpkin bread this morning, but right now wish it was one of those delicious meat pies of yours.
The sky pictures have inspired my day. Thanks for sharing!
magikalseasons said…
Wow! Your sunrise shots are beautiful! :)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures, I love photos of the sky with those colors.
Rue said…
Wow - that red sky is amazing. I always thought it was the harbinger of a storm too. Who knows?

I find the garden beautiful all year as well. So many shapes and colours. Lovely!
Autumnforest said…
Wow! That sky put Arizona's sky to shame!!! Love the tree in front of it--you should make Halloween cards for next year using that pic!
Maluszeq said…
The sky is amazing!!!!
clairedulalune said…
These are amazing phtotgraphs of the sky! Beautiful!
Touchatou said…
Looks so delicious ! And a roasted vegetable gravy ? Had never heard of that but sounds great !

What a sunrise ! Never saw one so red. It looks unreal, from another world.
The Frog Queen said…
Amazing pictures, both sunrise and the garden....just spectacular!!

oldblackcatboo said…
WHOA!!!! What a beautiful post!
I have no flowers at this time and actual it trying to snow.
No sunrise or sunset like that here lately.

Your meat pie sound grand could you e-mail me or post.

Coffee is on.
Lyon said…
Fabulous photos as usual. =) That sky is simply breathtaking. And I bet the pies are too. ;-)
"Red sky at morning, Sailors take warning." I've always assumed that it meant the seas would be rough. Who knew?! What an incredible light, though! Even as a vegetarian, I must admit that your pies look spectacular! *^_^*
Tori said…
What a beautiful sunrise!
Ann said…
Incredible photos as well as a wonderful looking, and I am sure, tasting meat pie-are you willing to share your recipe?-thanks-Angie
Gorgeous sunrise! And I love the skeleton tree silhouetted against it. Hauntingly beautiful. Unfortunately I am a night owl and I know all too well that these are the gorgeous things I miss in the mornings. Thanks for sharing.
Guillaume said…
The sunrise pics are stunning.
mrsb said…
The pictures are all gorgeous!

The meat pie looks so elegant! Are you going to share? :O)
Tammie Lee said…
these little pies are gorgeous.
and your photos are so perfectly halloweeny.