Shopping and Apple Pie

I went to some of my favorite shops yesterday.

I thought you might want to have a peek.

I avoid grocery stores as much as I can.

I like buying from privately owned shops.

Most of these stores carry lots of locally produced foods.

I can't believe they are selling live Christmas decorations already.

This is a wonderful kitchenware store.

I can't believe I made it out of here without buying anything.

This girl was selling lots of homemade baked goods on the sidewalk.

I love shopping in Asian markets.

They have such a great assortment of things.

Two types of seaweed.

And the prices on cookware are excellent.

Everyone has decorated their windows for Christmas already.

What happened to Thanksgiving decorations?

We found a new doughnut shop that just opened. This was a dozen when we walked out of the shop. We scarfed them down right there on the sidewalk. Oh boy, these are good doughnuts!

Back home I am decorated for Thanksgiving. This is a new piece of redware I bought recently. It reads 'Give Thanks' in the middle.

I give thanks that I have such a cool place to shop.

****I am putting up two posts today so check out the next one too.


I too like to shop in small private owned grocery stores. They usually have things the big ones doesn´t have. Unfortunally we don´t have any asian market here, but they are gold mines :-)

It´s a bit early for christmas decorations I feel! But soon they´ll start to do it here too I´m afraid.
Have a great day now!
Birgit said…
I always love to get a glimpse into your life! :)
I keep missing your giveaways...I've got to keep on top of your site!

Rue said…
Love these shops! No wonder you cook so well - with great places to buy supplies!

Love the redware too!

I'd have bought a wreath already - I can't resist the smell of pine and fir boughs!
Pricilla said…
I am so jealous of the shops you have available.
Jennifer said…
Christmas is coming up fast! What a neat store, I try to shop in private owned stores whenever possible.
Touchatou said…
I like asian markets a lot too. They have such food we are not used too : I like to try new tastes.
Those stores are welcoming, I would avoid supermarkets too. ;)
William Bezek said…
It's nice to see Thanksgiving decorations! I put some nice fall leaf swags around my front door but the neighbors already have lights and frosty the snowman out, and another still has a skeleton so it's looks rather bizarre around here.
Aussiemade said…
We dont have a large supermarket chain in our village. I love to shop as local as possible even direct from producers farms, farm door sales, and our produce market. Our asian market in Hobart is nothing like yours..nor our kitchen ware shop...sigh./..there are some things living in a bigger place would be good for, but after a few days in Sydney..nope shopping is not my cup of tea really..especially not in a city.. lol Hobart is a very small city..
Marvelously, overwhelming Asian Market? Super 88. I know there are a few here in MA; not sure of other states though.
I adore the use of "strawberries" for buttons on the front of the "snowman!"
Ah! Fall shopping!...Darn new budget! I need to save for my convention attendance. I love your Fall-ness! *^_^*