Thanksgiving Countdown

I've made the cranberry relish.

And my pie crusts are done.

The rolls are made.

And the gravy is finished.

The turkey is about to go into the brine.

And the bread has been cubed for the stuffing.

So, I decided to make another savory pie!

This is a Cheshire cheese and onion pie with a cheddar crust.

Potatoes are sliced thin and layered on the pastry in a pie pan.

Then a mixture of sliced shallots, crumbled Cheshire cheese, sour cream, chives, mealy potatoes sliced thin and salt and pepper is spread between each potato layer. This is baked for 1 1/2 hours. The smell is almost better than the taste.


Autumnforest said…
Nummers! I can imagine your T-giving is quite the affair. Hope you get some pic's. I'm going to try to remember to photograph mine. My family always had the tradition of bringing in singles we know and folks who can't be with family. I always make way too much and then send them home with leftover containers. This year's pies; rum brownie, pumpkin cheesecake, and apple crumble. I usually do my Appalachian butterscotch pie as one of them, but it doesn't travel well because of the thick meringue. I bet Teddy is excited for some turkey yum yums! Hope you have a great holiday!
magikalseasons said…
Yum & wow you're ahead of the game. I'm still cleaning so I can cook tomarrow. Wihing you a very Happy Thanksgiving! :)
I love the turkeys, but especially the two in the top photo! Magnificent birds turkeys! To bad they doesn´t live over here.
Have a great day now!
Sonia ;) said…

What is a brine...I have heard it said but dont know..Can u help me...

Birgit said…
I shouldn't visit your blog when I am hungry... Now I am even hungrier! :) Anyway, great turkey and pilgrim statues -- and congrats on being that far with the preparations for the big day. :)
Pricilla said…
Almost as many turkeys as pumpkins!

Now you won't have the pie for Thanksgiving....oh well, you'll have to eat it!
The Frog Queen said…
I agree with Birgit, I should not visit your blog when I am hungry....that pie sounds divine!!! Thanks for sharing, have a great Thanksgiving.

Touchatou said…
Nice turkeys ;) Our thanksgiving is a month gone but we dont celebrate it like you do : we have a day off that's all. ;)
William Bezek said…
Oh you poor dear, slaving away in the kitchen! I feel for you. Thank the pagan turkey god, this is my year off of kitchen duty!!! But I do have to eat my sister-in-law's turkey (I wonder what "fanciful" twist she will try this year?). I have made a similar pie with English cheddar, lots of onions, and a dark brown ale reduction. Your's looks equally fantastic!
greekwitch said…
Before i enter your blog, i though so close to Thanks giving she must be cooking like crazy. You made me drewling again! That pie looks yummy!