To Market, To Market to Buy....

We left before sunrise, but as the sun came up, I had this view of the trees on top of the mountain.

And a lot of scenes like this for most of the trip.

The market was crowded.

And well stocked for the holiday.

So much to choose from.

There was one whole case of stuffed olives.

Lots of fresh fish and seafood to choose from.

Everyone here is so friendly.

The connoisseur of olive oils.

I always check out the allies behind the market.

They tell a story you don't hear inside.

A model train runs on top of this booth.

Everyone was decorated for Thanksgiving.


Every kind of bread is offered.

It's hard to pass up these booths.

What kind of popcorn do you like?

Self descriptive.

The apple on the left is coated in a sweet peanut butter then dipped in chocolate.

Ha!!! Meat pies!!! This is where it all started. I bought these the last time I was here and they were tasteless. This put me on the quest to make the perfect meat pie.

I really really love this place.

I want to move in and sleep on the floor behind the kielbasa.

Endless sausages.

Pretty as a picture.


Peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes.

I always watch what other people are buying. I stopped here to buy cheese for a pie I am making tomorrow and the woman next to me was buying a blue cheese that I was not familiar with. I asked her about it and she said she makes leftover turkey and cheese sandwiches after Thanksgiving and this cheese is fabulous with turkey. It is called Buttermilk Blue and is simply the best blue cheese I have ever tasted. I can't wait for Friday.

One of my favorite counters.

Wild Lake Perch is terrific.

Buffalo.....not for me.

So what did I buy?

Empire biscuits and Bakewell tarts.

A monk cake

Chocolate cake made with Irish stout.

Chocolate cigars

Six pounds of bacon. One pound for me.....five pounds for my daughter's boyfriend. Not kidding.

Lots of Lake Perch. Teddy goes a little crazy for these.

Freshly made sauerkraut.

Beef short ribs. I can't wait to make these. When finish they will be served on a creamy goat cheese polenta.


Cheddar bratwurst.

Beef shanks. Not sure what I will make with them.

Marrow bones. I think I will use these with the shanks and make a rich daube.

Buttermilk blue and a truffle cheese.

And then we left and counted hay bales the whole way home.


Jennifer Rose said…
i love buffalo, wish it was more available here. i would spend way too much money there lol :)
I love to walk around in those places! If one isn´t hungry when going in there, one is when going out :-)
But usually it´s a bit more expensive to buy food there.

I didn´t recognise that blue cheese, but blue cheese is one of the best tasting cheeses I know and I have worked with cheese so I´ve tasted lots of it :-) :-)

I´m still fascinated by You americans and Your love for cup cakes :-)
Have a great day now!
Suzie said…
What an amazing marketplace! I love finding places like this! I love your photo tour, and can almost smell the wonderful mingling of fragrances! What really struck me though is the abundance and variety of foods that are available!

A very appropriate post this time of year. Thank you SO much for sharing another one of your marvelous, magic adventures!
Hibiscus Moon said…
what a lovely market! That cake looks scrumptuos.
William Bezek said…
It's my favorite market too, but it's odd you didn't name it? Are you in some witness protection program and need to keep your where abouts top secret? Ha Ha. You must be closer than I thought...Hummm...very mysterious!
Pricilla said…
Bison is wonderful. If grass fed it tastes just like beef but without all the bad fat. In fact we are eating bison shoulder steak for dinner tonight. It cooks easily and the loins are very tender and delicious. If someone served you and you didn't know you would think it was beef.
William Bezek said…
You are too funny Jaz! Although your adoring fans will most likely bribe me with gifts of food and large wads of cash, I will not tell them where you live!
Dessa Wolf said…
What a WONDERFUL market. I am sooo jealous.
Everything here such made my mouth water. Nothing like this in my area.
Tori said…
Now I'm hungry. I was planning on just having fruit for breakfast, but now might need to walk to the bakery. Thanks for sharing!
Nishant said…
love finding places like this! I love your photo tour, and can almost smell the wonderful mingling of fragrances!

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Guillaume said…
Olives, sausages, cheeses. There would have been more than enough to make me happy.