A Walk in My Woods

Now that most of the leaves are down, I can see my daughter's house through the trees. Click on any of the following for a better look.

There is a lot of interesting bark in my woods.

A few that haven't fallen.

Pods abound.

The black locust gazebo will one day return to the earth.

The Weeping Beech is bare.

The millstone has been shut down for winter.

Piles of leaves everywhere.

The Japanese Maples are beautiful without leaves.

A colorful leaf carpet on the patio.

These antique Argentinian cedar doors lead to the vegetable garden.

Small witch weathervane.

Roses continue to bloom.

The potting shed is closed for winter.

All is quiet by the pond.

There is still a bit of color in this room.

Heading back home.

*I am on a road trip tomorrow so my post will be late.


Wonderful pictures! I love the different barks on the trees.

Unfortunally is the climate around my cottage to hard for many of those trees with interesting bark structures, so I have to settle with interesting colors instead. No roses here any more and most of the "berries" on them are eaten now.
Have a great trip tomorrow!
Suzie said…
Oh! You are SO lucky to have such a beautiful setting for your home! It is so peaceful, just looking at your photos!

Have a safe trip!

Pricilla said…
What? Bark and no bite?
heh heh
Autumnforest said…
I'll let you get away with it this time, but next time you have to take me with you! :-)
Laura said…
Your place is heaven. I wonder, would your daughter be willing to take in a border? So beautiful!

ps...just kidding about the boarder thing. :)
Touchatou said…
Such a wonderful place to live : and to know you have planted everything. Wow.
Those doors... I want them ! loll
Nice mushrooms in the leaves ;)
Sonia ;) said…
Very beautiful Jax....Ur photos are always so beautiful...

Many blessings on your trip
The Doors are my favorite! I would love to post that photo at The Lunar Gazette! Would you consider submitting it to us? I can post it on the side with a link to your blog!
Brightest Blessings,
Maluszeq said…
Beautiful colours and the witch is just amazing ;)
Guillaume said…
Beautiful pictures. I can't wait to see some of snow.
Great pictures! Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Great pics! Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Soraya said…
So, I still stand by the fact that looking at these pictures just seems like it'd be like stepping into a whole new world. Absolutely beautiful <3
Brightest Blessings!