Welcome to Winter

With Thanksgiving over, I am officially into winter time.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Ours was magical.

We ate at my daughter's house.

It was warm and welcoming.

She had three fires burning.

Her porch planters were decorated with evergreens.

She had pies set out on a little vintage table.

Czech marionettes hang on the old brick wall.

She set a beautiful table. This is a sweet potato gratin.

Savory sweet potato casserole.

Haricot vert with a leek sauce.

Part of my greenware collection.

Time to decorate for Christmas!


Pricilla said…
I adore your new background.
I hope you didn't burp like Abby!
I like your blog make-over for Xmas!
Anonymous said…
love it!
Laura said…
Your daughter's home is as lovely as yours. I love the new blog decor. I'm ready for winter to show it's beautiful face here. Hopefully the Snow Goddess will be generous to me this year. :)
That food looks delicious! and the two marionettes are so fine!
I like the way Your blog looks like now.
Have a great day now!
Autumnforest said…
Beautiful--so charming! Can't wait to see your Xmas. I keep meaning to turn mine more Celtic and Nordic. This year, I did make Nordic-looking stockings. Hoping to get some of the patterns of the Scottish family plaid and the designs of the Laplander wear. I'm hoping this Xmas, I'll actually have the time to kick back and do it. Halloween really took all my attention this year. Have fun decorating!
Touchatou said…
Your daughter has the same sure taste as you do ;) What an awesome house, decorated exquisitely.
Aussiemade said…
What a talented family when it comes to creating warm and inviting homes. Precious items and delights you share every time I come along to have a look.
It is summer here in a couple of days, and we have our fire going, wet and wintery..sigh I guess it beats the normal when we sit waiting and watching in case of fires. Tasmania is green and beautiful, sadly not all of Australia is the same.
I am so glad your thanksgiving was wonderful! We have so much to be thankful for.
greekwitch said…
It is finally time! Yeih!
Brightest blessings!
Birgit said…
Well, it's clear that your daughter learned cooking from you... :) Lovely place and yummy food. And -- I like your new blog style. :)

Sonia ;) said…
Jaz.....My turkey came out so awesome...Thank you for how to brine...was so moist and eaten up like no tomorrow...

xoxoxoxo Blessings
Kelly said…
Your blog looks lovely in it's winter finery; esp. love the header photo. Your daughters home did look so warm and welcoming. Huzzah for the Holiday season!