And The Giveaway Winner Is.....

December 12th

Naomi. Naomi was very good at playing her recorder. Everyone said so. She played at all the festivals in Bethlehem, and she would certainly play for the new baby. Why the baby was so special she did not know. The grown-ups seemed to think that what had happened last night was very important. Whatever the reason, she was going to play her very best songs at the stable.

I have returned to the baking of my youth by purchasing a pastry cloth and rolling pin cover. I forgot how well these work.

This is another new recipe this year.

It made 15 dozen cookies.

You bake a bunch of small round disks.

Spread apricot jam on one side.

And sandwich them together.

These are very yummy.

I sandwiched half of them with blackberry jam then sprinkled them with powdered sugar.

* The winner of the first Christmas giveaway is: William Bezek
Send me your address and I will mail it right out!

* Tomorrow the next Christmas giveaway will be posted!


Ooooh! Those look very yummy! Stopping by from SITS!
Anonymous said…
Yum! Those do look delicious!

I think it's really neat that you're going through all the characters in your nativity! How long have you been doing that for?

Happy Saturday SITS sharefest!
Apricot and blackberry jam! Can it taste anything but delicious then? :-)

Naomi was another one I´ve never heard of before. I´m learning a lot when reading here!
Have a great day now!
Autumnforest said…
Oh boy! Things are really Holiday'ing out at Octoberfarm! I love seeing all your neat collectables and capturing the moods and smells of Xmas. I'm planning on doing my Xmas cookies this next week and hope to do some photographs and post it. I'm doing an "origins" themed cookie bunch this year--German/Scandinavian/Scottish/English theme for our combined heritage. Hope it works out. I haven't used cookie stamps since I was a kid!
Pricilla said…
Yay for William.
I just made a similar cookie - and I made apricot jam this summer. No blackberry though...didn't get to the store at the right time.
Suzie said…
Congratulations, Will!!! I'm so happy for you, and I'm sure that you're going to enjoy your prizes!

Those cookies look yummy, and blackberry is one of my favorite jams. Yumm!!!

And thank you Jaz, for continuing your narrative! Have a wonderful weekend!!
William Bezek said…
Yippee! I won! Thank you very much!
Divaeva said…
Woo Hoo WIlliam! Those cookies look so delish!
Yay Naomi! I play the recorder too. Rock on, girl, rock on!
goodness my 2 favorite jams.... they sound so good... would go excellent with my morning coffee.. congrats... william....
Sarah said…
Congrats to the winner!!! And..yummmmmmyy!!!
Hugs, Sarah