A Big Christmas Witchy Giveaway

* The winner of the previous giveaway is: Carapace.

For all of you tired witches out there, I offer you this Christmas basket giveaway. Though I cook everything from scratch, I keep some very high quality mixes on hand for emergencies. I have often been asked to whip up a cake or scones or bread at a moments notice and in case I don't have the ingredients on hand, I will resort to a mix. This almost never happens but as a child of depression parents, I live in fear that I will run short on food.

When I returned from Salem I had an idea to have some custom made witch hats and pot holders to give to some of my friends. I picked out some fun fabrics as you can see above. A hat and two pot holders are included in this giveaway.

So after the holidays when everyone needs to relax, you could open this basket of mixes from King Arthur Flour and make some scones or bread or any of these tasty mixes. I've also included a spatula from Le Creuset and some chocolates from Harbor Sweets. You can enter by joining to follow me and leaving a comment. If you already follow me, just leave a comment. I will draw the winner on Christmas morning!

December 18th...getting short on time here.

Micah. It seemed that everybody was bringing presents to the new baby. Micah did not have any money or toys, but he did have the drum that he and his father had made. At least he could play it for the baby. He had heard that his friend Naomi was going to play her recorder, and he thought she might need him to accompany her on his drum. He would have to be careful not to play too loudly; the last time he had drowned her out and she was not happy.

Ruth. Ruth has a special lace in the nativity scene, for the bible tells us that she was a direct ancestor of David, who in turn was an ancestor of Joseph. The story of her love and devotion to Naomi, her mother-in-law, also connects her to the spirit of Christmas. She is shown coming in from gathering wheat in the fields. It will not be long before Boaz, the wealthy owner of the land, will be attracted by her beauty and humility, and they will be married.

I am not sure if I am done baking or not.

I've made over 600 cookies so far.

I usually make Christmas Kringles but I might pass on them this year.

I made these thumbprints yesterday.

I always toast the nuts lightly in advance to enhance their flavor.

These are also one of my old Christmas staples.

I fill them each with a white confectioners sugar icing.

Please enjoy a few.


Geek Wife said…
I am already a follower. Please sign me up for this awesome giveaway!
Laura said…
Those are gorgeous! I love the witches hat and matching pot holders, perfect for the kitchen witch! Please enter me in your giveaway, I've been a follower for a while.
suburban prep said…
Wow what a great item. To be using these when it is cold this winter.!!
I bake half from scratch and the other half not so much from scratch. It depends upon the reason I am making things and to whom the goodies will be going to. (It is easiest to not bake from scratch when little kids are in the kitchen "helping" out).
I´ve never heard about thumbprints with nuts, but I love nut cakes so they must taste delicious!
I really like the picture from the advents house today!

Congratulations to Carapce whinning that great give away! This one seemes as great to!
Have a great day now!
Ann said…
Anonymous said…

I am already a follower and love your blog.
Abeje said…
Ooh! Oooh! Oooh! Pick me! Pick Me! :D I already follow you.
The Frog Queen said…
How lovely. You are so generous!! And those cookies!!!! Yummy.

Happy Holidays!

I too am a follower and would love to be entered in this fabu give away. The witch's hat is wonderful.......gives me a great idea for my daughter's solstice gift. I will need to get in the "creation auditorium" asap. The cookies also are adding to the feeling I need to bake something else. Nah, it past. New Moon Blessings, Linda in New Mexico
Nydia said…
OH, this basket is awesome! Count me in! :o) That witch hat is a must! :o)

Thanks for this precious, great last giveaway!

Kisses from Nydia.
Sonia ;) said…
Jaz...Please involve me in the this wonderful giveaway. Would love a smile right now

Autumnforest said…
Yummers! You come up with some really unique and tasty cookies! Hey, by the way, my middle name came from "Ruth" in the Bible. I used to hate that name as a kid, but it's a pretty cool thing. :-)
Pricilla said…
What!? No Jam!?

heh heh

Congrats to Carapace. I am sure winning will put a small crack in his/her tough shell. heh heh

I love King Arthur.
Yum, I can almost smell the cookies baking! Almost...I guess I will have to go make some of my own, sigh...Love those witch hats too, great idea!
Linda said…
Oh I love thumbprint cookies with nuts. My Mom would put raspberry jelly in them...yum! I would love to be entered in your giveaway and I'm a follower of your wonderful blog.
Sea Gypsy said…
Oh my, that witch hat and those pot holders are awesome!! I'm already a follower, so please, please, enter me into this lovely giveaway. Thanks!
Krissy said…
600!? I love to bake but have never baked even close to that many in such a short period of time! I'm in awe!
Marjorie said…
Please enter me in your giveaway. My oven died so until it is replaced (hopefully soon) I have to enjoy my Christmas cookies vicariously through you!
mrsb said…
Wow! That is a gorgeous hat!! I can't believe you made it!!
William Bezek said…
Since I won a previous basket, I am not here for that...I just wanted to say I am blown away at all the cookie baking you have done, are you sure it's only 600? My mincemeat is marinating, I hope my little pies look as good as yours!
idrawpix said…
I need some cookies!! And since I am trying to be good, I will just pretend I ate those three you offered! Yummy! thanks :-)
Teri said…
WOW, you giveaway such wonderful stuff!! I love the hat and potholders!!
I'm already a follower, so please enter me!
Teri said…
Thank you for the comment, but I had to let you know....I'll send the snow to you!!! I'm getting too old to deal with it and it's cold!! LOL
Suzie said…
First, congratuatlions to Carapace! I'm sure that you are going to enjoy your gifts!!
Jaz, I love the hat and potholders! Please add my name to the drawing.
And as for the King Arthur Flour mixes, I've been a long time customer of theirs, but never bought their mixes until I got one as a free gift in my order. I couldn't believe the difference between their mixes and what you find at the grocery store! They are wonderful! Whomever gets them is going to be SO happy with their results! Another excellent giveaway!
SaS said…
If I'm not too late, I'd love to be entered into your giveaway as well! I just clicked over from Mrs. B's site, and I'm really enjoying your blog. Especially your Practical Magic spell book ~ oooooh, you are one lucky gal! Next to Bell, Book, and Candle, it's my favorite witchy film ever. I can't wait to explore your blog. Blessed be!
Touchatou said…
Please, please, I want to taste the thumbprints ! They look so delicious. ;)
Leathra said…
Oh please enter me! I love baking, and I would love that beautiful witch's hat!!
Divaeva said…
oooo - they look scrumptious!! The hat looks waay awesome - sign me up please! *hug*
27 comments already, you make an awesome basket, Jaz! I'm entering as well:)
Rue said…
Those thumbprints look so yummy with the icing inside, rather than jam! (I'd pick icing over jam any day!)

600 cookies? Sweetie, sit down! Put your feet up. Get a massage. If the family and friends can't manage with 600 cookies, you may need to start throwing hay to them!
Birgit said…
Wow, the hat and pot holders look amazing -- and all those other goodies. :) Thanks for the chance of winning such treats.

Your Christmas cookies look so delicious -- I can almost smell them. :)

Greetings from Munich,

PS: Yes, I follow your blog. :)
tournesol said…
600 cookies is incredible. The witch basket is very nice and I would love to win the basket. All your cooking and beautiful decorating, I wish I lived with you!
I want to enter again, thanks very much.
Yart said…
Thank you for hosting another giveaway.... I look forward to your adventures and recipes in the blog! I hope that you and your family have a Blessed Yule and a Merry Christmas!
Anonymous said…
I am following I had to when I saw what a great cookies you make.

I love just love that witches hat how cool is it.

BTW I hope you were save on your trip and sorry about the car.
Judith said…
Of course you KNOW I have to be signed up for this!!! Love the hat!!! soon as I can get to my storage shed I'm going to be having a give a way too....but I can't get thru all the snow!!!
Judith said…
Oh, and while I can't enjoy thoes fab cookies, My son is home from school, and I know he will eat them allllllll up!
Jenna Gayle said…
Wow! That's a wonderful basket!! I use King Aurthor flour, but had no idea they make mixes too!! If I don't win this basket, I'm going to have to hunt these mixes down! :)
Bridgett said…
I am a follower already. :)

You post pictures of some of the most appetizing looking cookies I've ever seen! Yum to the third power. LOL

Hope you ahd a wonderful Yule!

Here I am again to enter your fabu giveaway. Thanks
My gosh !!!!!!! so amny yummy goodies :) Love your blog. ALready a follower
Tracy DeLuca said…
What an awesome giveaway! And your cookies look delicious. I just finished making a ton of cookies myself! LOL
Four for four, this giveaway I adore. Count me in again.
annalene said…
I'm a new follower, cute blog! Thanks so much for sharing this giveaway with your readers, very sweet of you!
Carapace said…
Carapace is in full revel mode!:)

And you are a woman after my own cookie-making heart, only even more so! Of course I have to go gluten free and low sugar, which imposes some limits, but where there is Christmas baking, there's a way!

Never seen icing in thumbprint cookies before. Sounds yummy!

carapacenator(at)gmail.com, who will actually be kind of mortified if she wins this
Anonymous said…
yes I'm still reading past blogs and you know,,, I make the same thumb print cookies but have never made them with icing in them,, this is a really different idea I like it,,