A Chistmas Wonderland

December 9th

Sarah. As the person at the inn who was responsible for taking care of the chickens and gathering the eggs, Sarah was always up early. On this special day she was in the process of moving one of the chickens when she heard the joyful noises coming from the stable. Quickly she moved to the doorway. The expression on her face shows her surprise and pleasure at what she saw. It was a scene she would never forget.

As pretty as Skaneateles is during the day, it really shines at night....literally.

What a picture postcard town.

The tree at the end of the pier is my favorite sight. It looks so magestic and calm.

It is impossible to be here and not be in a Christmas mood.

These bulbs in the glass shop window are so festive.

Aristocats & Dogs is all decked out.

And Frankie's Christmas shop is even more sparkling than ever.

Pomodoro looks inviting.

And Rhubarb, the kitchen store, is even cuter than usual.

The nativity looks better at night.

Click to enlarge and you can see a list of events.

This was the original Mason's lodge but is now a realtor.

The main street at night.

We are going back for New Years!


I love the night photos of the gazebo tree and the pier tree. How gorgeous!
Rue said…
Pretty, pretty! I love the trees in the gazebo and on the pier!

Lights really do make such a difference in the dark Winter nights. Especially when there is snow to reflect those colours around!
There´s a bit more lights in Skanaeteles than in my village, don´t You think :-) :-)

Such a wonderful town!
Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
So pretty...
A certain kitten keeps trying to get to a certain marionette....I won't name names.
Melodie said…
Thanks for following me! This town is so charming it almost doesn't seem real.What a beautiful place,it could get the worst scrooge into the spirit!
Autumnforest said…
You should work on tourism for your town! That really sold me. How charming!!
Touchatou said…
The kind of place you never want to leave ;)
littledeadmommy said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think I would cry if Santa grabbed my butt.
(as everyone else wonders what in the world I am talking about..lol)
Those pictures are really pretty. I wish there were more places like that closer to where I live.
oldblackcatboo said…
Just Beautiful!
Thank You!!!