Christmas Cookies and Stockings and Giveaways

December 11th

David. Someone had to watch the sheep so that the shepherds could go into Bethlehem to see the wonder that the angels had revealed. David was the youngest shepherd who was capable of handling the job, so he was chosen. His sad countenance shows how he feels about being left behind. Fortunately, David has his dog to keep him company and to help him handle the sheep. He has no better friend. Still, he would have liked to go into town with the others.

For my entire life I have made the same Christmas cookies year after year. Occasionally I added a new one but basically did not vary much. This year is different. I decided to try mostly new recipes. I'm not quite sure why this is but it is a lot more fun! The first new recipe is this cranberry orange macaroon shortbread.

This is a keeper.

Wow are these ever good! Chewy and orangey and crisp on the edges with a cranberry tartness. Mmmmmm....

A long, long time ago I made Christmas stockings for the family. This is my son's. It shows Santa having his sock sewn by an elf. The little girl elf is trimming his beard.

This is mine! I haven't needle pointed in years.

This is my daughter's and shows Mrs. Claus reading to the elves.

I couldn't fit my kid's names on the stockings so i added their initials.

I stopped doing needle point before Teddy got her stocking.

Here is another new cookie I made yesterday. Pecan tassies.

Another keeper.

What could be better than individual bites of pecan pie?

I made a hundred of these. I make about six to eight hundred cookies each year.

* Tomorrow the giveaway winner will be announced. Make sure to enter if you haven't already. I will post the next giveaway too!


Those cranberry orange macaroons are making my mouth water! The pecan tarts too.
Anet said…
Oh my, your stockings are just wonderful! What a labor of love that must of been. So much work!

My new fav flavors cranberry and orange:)
Pricilla said…
Beautiful stockings!
Would you mind sending me the recipe for the orange cranberry cookies? They do look yummy!

What! No goats in the nativity?!
Divaeva said…
mmmmm! :p I love home made stockings - my mother made ours too - each is created after our personalities...
The Frog Queen said…
six to eight hundred cookies a year!!! Oh my you are amazing!!! :)

And those stockings are too precious. Absolutely love them.

Once again...I read your blog and now I must go find food!!! :D

The food looks delicious!
Christmas stockings is very rare over here. I can only remember one family having that when I was little and not so many more nowdays. I think it´s a great way to have a small present or a couple :-) in the morning. Makes it so much easier to wait for the real present opening :-)

Than You for the gift I got! I love everything!! I remember how much I liked those things when I saw them on Your blog! The picture of Teddy is so cute and the frame is great!
Have a great day now!
Touchatou said…
On my ! That's a lot of cookies ! And those pecan tarts... yummyyyy ;)
Mommyof2girlz said…
Those pecan tarts look amamzingly yummy. Thanks for stopping by it is nice to meet you :)
Rue said…
Mmmm...pecan tarts! I'd still probably eat 4 or five, so there would be no skimping calories by having a tart instead of a piece of pie!

Eight hundred cookies? That makes me tired just thinking about it!