Christmas in Skaneateles

December 7th I will be listing a giveaway on here tomorrow but if you click on the button at the top of my sidebar you can go to another giveaway I am doing at the 31 days of Yule and enter it.

Samuel. Samuel is a local carpenter who often does odd jobs for the owners of the Bethlehem Inn. Tonight he has been called to perform a repair to the stable roof. He knows he will need a safety rope and a board to patch the hole, so he brings these along. As he approaches the stable he sees many people gathering, and a strange glow coming from within. The sight almost makes him drop the rope.

The first Christmas disaster! Wind did this, not Teddy.

A new wreath I made for my daughter to hang at work.

A package arrived.

Perfect timing.

If anyone is interested in handmade old fashioned candy canes you can order them from: The flavors are wonderful. I am going to be listing a giveaway tomorrow and one of these will be included in it.

On the way to Skaneateles we finally found some snow.

There is Christmas cheer everywhere in this town.

This is a perfect Christmas village.

The shops are all glittering.

You can take horse drawn carriage rides through the town.

And the library is passing out hot chocolate. Check out that cute puppy butt!

There are carolers on the corners.

And these Dickens cutouts are scattered about .

All of the windows are decorated.

This building was a theater in the 1800's.

The Sherwood Inns porch is open for dinner.

A fire is welcoming in the lobby.

They have Christmas dioramas decorating the lobby, all with different scenes.

A huge Christmas tree is decorated with large gingerbread cookies.

Every year at the end of the pier, out across the wooden planks holding steady above the swirling shoals, the village sets a tree, wraps it 'round with lights for young and old, family and friends, visitors strolling hand in hand.

The gazebo is decorated.

A red kettle Santa.

*Stop back tomorrow to see the Dickens people in all their splendor.


Charming town! And love that wreath you made!
The Frog Queen said…
Ah, that just put me in a festive mood!!! Thanks so much! Lovely, just lovely.

Oh, and so sorry about the tree :(

Skaneateles is really a beautifuk town and as You say, very christmasy! So beautiful christmas decorations they have!

Can You guess what we call the candy canes in Sweden?

We call them Polkagrisar, Polka pigs in english :-) :-)
Have a great day now!
Marjorie said…
I hope you realize that because of your postings, the population of Skaneateles will increase by at least one, as soon as I find a way to escape from CA.
Bronny said…
Thank you for sharing your town's photos - charming Christmas scenes...
Touchatou said…
What a nice city. It is so beautiful and warm.
William Bezek said…
That's some nativity set...I think everyone who is anyone was represented. When do we see the town whore? Ha Ha
MamaJosephine said…
Lovely pictures! I love photo blogs, am now following!!
Pricilla said…
How did I miss this one...
I'm sorry your tree blew over!
Brrrr at Teddy in the lake. Not for me, oh no!