A Christmas Market

December 21st

Talia and Aaron. Talia and Aaron, the daughter and son of Isabel and Avi, live in Hebron, just outside of Bethlehem. The children are very excited about the news of a baby born in Bethlehem, because their mother is also expecting a baby. Since Talia and Aaron want to see the infant, their mother has let them go ahead to town. She tells them to bring gifts for the family, and that she will join them at the stable. On their journey to Bethlehem, the children cross a small river and a field. Aaron stops at the river and catches a frog that he thinks will be a good pet for the baby. Talia picks some beautiful wild flowers to give to the baby's mother, knowing that her own mother loves flowers. When they arrive in Bethlehem they are surprised to see how many other people are at the stable.

After all the crazy weather we arrived at the market.

It was very festive. This man was playing Christmas carols on a horn.

The stalls were all loaded with all sorts of items for Christmas shoppers.

And some strange ingredients too.

A view from the balcony.

Fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Children were playing carols on bells.

Click to enlarge and check out the price on the foie gras!

A steer skull decorates the butcher's counter.

Free range and grass feed.

Liege waffles.


A good philosophy.

Yum....Polish food.


The best part of the market is the Vietnamese stall.

We always stop for a big bowl of pho.

Indian food.

Buche de Noel at the bakery.

And panettones.

I bought the raclette for Christmas eve dinner at this cheese stall.

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* Tomorrow I get to drive back through the mountains to pick up my car but I will put a post up early before I leave.


Anonymous said…
Holy price check bat man on the foie gras 79.99 a pound wow.

Looks like you had fun have a safe trip back to get your car.
The Frog Queen said…
Once again...for some reason I am very hungry...I think I need some indian food! :D

Thanks for sharing!

Lots of good food there, but the foie gras was a bit expensive I think :-) :-) But the duck on the other hand was quite cheaoap compared with what it costs over here. It´s difficult to get too.

They say the chinese food we eat over here actully is closer to vietnamese food and i love it :-)

Drive carefully tomorrow!
Have a great day now!
So how many pounds of foie gras did you buy?
Pricilla said…
The Buche du Noel was gorgeous!

Chicken feet make excellent soup! So do necks and backs. They are my fallback when I don't have bones and carcasses.

I can't wait 'til next year when I will have stewing hens. I haven't been able to buy a stewing hen for years and years. THEY make the best soup EVER.
Maluszeq said…
Polish food - you have a polish stall in your market :) Yay!!! And the crow's feet :D my Granny use to cook soup with those ones in ;]
Suzie said…
Oooh, I love it when "we" go to the market! You always find so many interesting and yummy looking foods! I would have lingered at the cookie and bakery counters just a tad longer though. They are my downfall!

Have a safe trip to get your car! We have freezing rain forecast starting Wednesday, extending through Thursday, but hopefully it will dissapate before it reaches you. That is all you need, is ice on top of all of that snow!

Oh, I've meant to mention too, how much I love the pictures in your Advent House! And your continued narrative is a delight! Thank you SO much for taking the time to share it with us!
Rue said…
I'd have bought everything - they'd have had to wheel me out on a cart! Especially in the cheese case!
William Bezek said…
I haven't made it to this market yet, I will need to. I think that is a good price on the fois gras if it's any good. I thought some Beluga caviar would be a nice treat for New Year's so I went online a found it has gone up about 300% since the last time...too much for this starving artist!
Bridgett said…
$79.99 a pound? Is it plated in gold? Geesh!

I wish I had a place like this nearby...it looks incredible. Well, with the exception of the chicken feet. Gross.