Christmas Presents

I thought I would show you a few of my Christmas presents. I am thrilled with my new piece of Staub cookware.

It is a La Cocotte pan for making Coq au Vin (chicken stew in red wine).

These are self basting spikes on the lid. The moisture accumulates and then drips down off of the spikes. I will make a Coq au Vin soon and show you the pics.

I've always wanted one of the graduated pastry boards. Since I have been in my pies baking mode this is going to come in very handy.

I also got these two small Shun knives. I have them in larger sizes so I know I am going to love working with these.

* Whatever am I going to blog about now that the holidays are over?


Laura said…
Those are lovely gifts. I know you will enjoy them and cant wait to see what you make. blessings
"Whatever am I going to blog about now that the holidays are over?" I can hardly wait to see! I know it will be interesting!
Autumnforest said…
Oh boy! I think your family is telling you to keep cooking! Hee hee. I love those things that make it easier to get stuff done quicker and more efficiently. I love the graduated pastry board--cool idea! Hope your holiday was fantastically magical.
oldblackcatboo said…
I know that whatever you blog about will end up making me hungry!!!
Looks like you had a good Christmas knowing how you love to cook!
chib said…
Lovely Christmas presents!
I hope you had a very nice Christmas!
Pricilla said…
Lucky, lucky jaz! I have an Emile Henry with the spikies like that. It makes amazing food. Although I like the chicken lid pull.
What great gifts! I´ve never seen a graduated pastry board before and those knifes!! That Cocotte pan looks really nice!
Have a good continuing of Christmas now!
Soon it´ll be easter :-)
Kallan said…
ooh beautiful gifts!! Congratulations!
William Bezek said…
What thoughtful gifts, the La Cocotte pot is the "bling-iness" of the hood ornament knob...too cool. Bon appetit!
Hibiscus Moon said…
Lovely gifts! I think you and I have the same granite type: giallo fiorito?
What will you blog about? Food! *~_^*
That pastry board is beautiful! I've only ever seen the plastic roll-ups from the 50s.
Rue said…
That pot is gorgeous! I'm glad you had a great Christmas!
wonderful gifts! i love the pots
Suzie said…
Your Staub pot is beautiful! Almost too pretty to use! And you are going to love using that pastry board!
As for your knives, I know you'll love them too! I never knew what a difference a good knife could make, until I got a good one, and then there was no turning back! lol
Things like these make our culinary creations not only easier to do, but make it more fun, too! Congratulations on getting such great gifts!!
Bridgett said…
LOVE your gifts. :)