Christmas Stars

December 23rd

Mary. Later she will become one of the most celebrated woman in history, but tonight she is enjoying just being a mother. What thoughts must be going through her mind as she contemplates this very special baby? It was certainly not an ordinary birth: and yet she senses the commonality of her feelings of love with all mothers of all times and all places. Destiny awaits. But for tonight, He is just a baby for a mother to love.

I've finally finished baking.

The stars took forever.

Now it is time to wrap them all up and give them away.

My daughter took some of these to work today.

I hope these add to people's Christmas cheer.


So beautifully, beautifully wrapped!
Those cakes will most certanly add to peoples Christmas cheers! So nice wrapped too!
Tomorrow is our big day in Christmas, but I´ll check in here sometime during the day. But just in case, have a very Merry Christmas!
Pricilla said…
How could they not? You wrap things so thoughtfully and so beautifully...
Pricilla said…
Oh, look what I made:
You have a wonderful eye for arranging! Thank you for sharing! I always get hungry after reading your posts.
Autumnforest said…
Oh, I'd hate to unwrap that--it's soooo beautiful! I am the worlds worst wrapper and I appreciate people who have such a talent. I think people who receive those must say "I thank my lucky stars!" (Had to insert that pun). Keep it up--making the world more beautiful, one cookie and curl of ribbon at a time.
Suzie said…
What a gorgeous package! It is too pretty to open, but when they see all of the treats inside, I don't think that they'll be able to resist!

You think of every little detail to make anything you touch, special!
oldblackcatboo said…
I agree! You make everything look so elegant!
and YUMMY!!!!!
Merry Christmas!
Rue said…
Who wouldn't be cheerful with a basket full of your cookies? I think even the Grinch would have professed to loving the Holidays if he had a touch of Jaz to brighten his life!
Touchatou said…
Wow amazing icing ! Looks so good ;)
Carapace said…
Wow. I think if you were any more generous, you'd spontaneously transcend into an energy being of pure awesome or something.

I am still just staggered by the gift basket you sent me-- your wrapping is truly gorgeous, and your gifts as sweet as the person behind them. Merry Christmas to you and all you know!
so amazingly gorgeous! immediate cheer will come to the recipient for sure!
Bridgett said…
Oh. My. Goodness.

That wrapped basket of cookies looks AMAZING! I want one desperately. LOL