December 1st

Time to open the first door.


As I show you each door on the Advent house, I will also introduce you to the people in my nativity. This is a handmade nativity with charmingly realistic figures.

Please meet Melchior. The trip through the desert from Syria was long and arduous, but worth the hardship. As a Magi (astrologer), Melchior was compelled to investigate the bright light that had moved across the sky in the direction of Judea. The star had led him to this humble place in Bethlehem. He is looking for a new born baby who he knows will become a kind of king never seen before. Melchior is bringing a rare spice called myrrh as his gift to the new king.

I finished the garden room trees.

I find Christmas trees to be very difficult to photograph.

I particularly like these tree skirts. They are made of different shades of green velvet and have satin ribbon topiaries on them.

There are birds hiding in the branches.

And birds nests with eggs.

And all sorts of butterflies.

A cute little squirrel nibbles on a pine cone.

A Polish santa.

Sequined butterflies.

And green felt butterflies too.

Two more done. Two more to go.


Yes, gorgeous tree skirt! And you're right -- no camera does justice to a decorated Christmas tree.
Pricilla said…
You never can get all the twinkle and sparkle in a picture of a tree. It always disappoints.

But yours look beautiful...I am envious. And the goat in me wants a nibble.
The Frog Queen said…
Wow, just amazing. Can I come visit?D

LJ said…
I've always said that I'd love to move in with you and live in this gorgeous house you live in. Beautiful house, yard, puppy, tasty food.........yeah I'm quite sure I'd die happy in there.:D
Suzie said…
You're right. Photos never manage to capture the beauty of a tree, but even with that in mind, yours are outstanding, just as they look in the pictures!

You have an magical touch to everything you arrange. It all comes out looking SO lovely!

Reading your blog is always a bright spot in my day! :-)

William Bezek said…
Lovely trees. In the last pic I spy a vintage hard plastic santa exactly like mine!
Your trees are gorgeous, but I was distracted by the puppy on your right hand column. That is the cutest dog I've ever seen:)
Ryan Sawyer said…
Stumbled upon your blog -- what a beautiful advent house. Did you purchase your advent house from Raymond Elling at If so, can you tell me when you placed your order and when it was received?

We placed our order, along with a $200 depost in October 2008 and to date, have not received our house. Numerous emails inquiring as to the status of our order or where we are at on the production list have gone unreturned. Thanks in advance for any information you may be able to provide.
Soraya said…
Absolutely gorgeous, as always. I can't get over how beautifully you decorate for every season. It's all just so breath taking :)
Many Blessings!!