Dicken Christmas and a Christmas Giveaway

December 8th

Elizabeth. Elizabeth and her husband Zachariah had a hard time believing that at their age they were finally going to have a baby. The angel Gabriel had appeared to Zachariah and told him that Elizabeth would bear a special son who would become a spiritual leader of Israel. The baby was to be named "John". When Zechariah had expressed doubt, Gabriel took away Zechariah's ability to speak until the baby was born. In her sixth month Elizabeth had visited her pregnant cousin, Mary, and Elizabeth's baby had jumped with joy. At that point Elizabeth knew that Mary was "blessed among women". Now a slightly apprehensive Elizabeth and her baby are visiting the stable to see the Christ child.

All of the houses in Skaneateles are decorated with wreaths and garlands.

Chestnut Cottage, a Christmas shop, is ready for it's favorite holiday.

The town creche is on display.

And who are these people walking down the sidewalk?

Charles Dickens mingles with the locals.

Dickens characters wander the streets.

I'm not quite sure who this guy is supposed to be.

Wooden placards od Dickens characters join the real ones.

English bobbies patrol the town.

Father Christmas waves to me.

Mother Christmas talks to a visitor.

Then she smiles for the camera.

Marley's ghost waves to me too.

Then in 28 degree weather, Teddy takes a plunge in Skaneateles lake.

She doesn't seem to understand that you shake after you get out of the water.

Or maybe she is shaking to warm herself up.

I had a lot of trouble getting her to leave the lake. This is her kind of weather.

Red Hat Society alert. This RHS woman went a bit crazy over Teddy.

They are multiplying. RHS women sure like Chow Chows.

They were everywhere. These women sure know how to have a good time. That is the purpose of the Red Hat Society. They are a national group of women with one goal.....having fun! And, of course, dressing in red and purple.

You can't help but smile when you see them.

Father Christmas and Ebenezer Scrooge address the crowd.

* I just listed the first giveaway and it is in the following post so take a look!


I love the Red Hat Society ladies! They kick ass!
Sarah said…
Skanaeteles..as in NY..I was born in N. Syracuse!! Whoot!! What a wonderful post.I felt like I was there..wow. How fun to have all this going on during the holidays!! Loved it, Sarah
lovely pictures... how can you not get in the Christmas mood
Anonymous said…
mother christmas is beautiful what a wonderful town i wish everyone was in that kind of spirit this time of year, how beautiful everything would be!
Pricilla said…
I hope Mrs. Christmas had her woolies on!
William Bezek said…
Oh, I think that would be fun to play Marley's ghost...even at Christmas I look for creepy!
Touchatou said…
Red Hat Society ladies are a novelty for me : are they like Salvation Army ?

I really love the joyfulness of this city. Thanks dear ;)
Juniper said…
I love the literary twist -- so much fun! I especially like the pix of the Victorian home decorated so beautifully for the season. Oh, and Teddy, too. :-)

In the spirit of things, I'm tagging you for a Christmas (or whatever holiday you prefer) Game. Details on my blog here.

Divaeva said…
Looks like a fantastic day...a little cold for Teddy...but definitely fun!
Rue said…
I just love all the dressed-up people! I would love to see them walking down the street in my town! Nice to see Santa taking a break on the porch too - giggle!