The Nativity Story Continues and My Favorite Christmas Cookies

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Benjamin and goat and donkey. Benjamin is a very happy innkeeper (click to enlarge and see the keys in his right hand). His inn has been full for months, as so many people have had to travel to meet the Roman's registration requirements. Mary and Joseph are lucky there was a decent stable near the inn, and that his wife, Leah, was so compassionate. Now Benjamin is on his way to the stable to see if he can do anything to make his special guests more comfortable. As he approaches the stable, he wonders why there are so many shepherds standing around.

Hannah. Hannah has taken care of the lamb since the day it was born. Her father, a shepherd in the fields near Bethlehem, had asked her to look out for this particular lamb because of its difficult birth. Now she has adopted the lamb as her pet, and she has been coming to the stable every day with special lamb treats. This evening, she is surprised to find a young couple spending the night in the stable. Hannah and her lamb will soon see amazing things.

And now I will show you some amazing cookies. I have been making these cookies for longer than I care to remember. They were my mother's recipe and we had them at Christmas every year in our house. These are the cookies that most remind me of Christmas.

They are called kipples. They are made with a yeast dough and filled with a boiled nut and sugar filling. Just before baking they are dipped in egg whites and rolled in sugar.

The trick is getting them to stay closed when they are baked. You can see that a few opened. My family likes it when this happens because they get to eat the misfit cookies right away.

Cute little bundles of joy.

Though they took the whole day to make.

Yesterday was the day for making the old favorites. I only made two of them this year.

I've had a lot of fun trying new cookie recipes this year.

But some of the old ones have to be made too or it just won't seem like Christmas.

Gingerbread is one of them.

A good chewy gingerbread cookie just screams of Christmas.

When my children were small I made these into boy and girl figures.

Now that they are adults and serious cookie monsters, I roll them in course sugar.

Ok...the blog tech is in trouble and shut off from cookies. Just pretend this picture is not on it's side!

I drizzle the finished cookies with a confectioners sugar glaze. The blog tech isn't getting any of these until he straightens his act out...literally!


Autumnforest said…
Exciting! I got my dough in the fridge and tonight I start rolling, cutting, and stamping the cookies. Those look really good--I'm going to have to try them! I adore cookie baking. Little bit-sized bursts of pleasure! p.s. I love the donkey in your nativity-he looks like he wants out of the stall--a little mischief maker.
You're lucky your blog tech works for cookies!
Pricilla said…
Maaaaaaaaa! Finally.

I am baking today too. As soon as I get my butt off of the computer. Or is that butted off the computer?
The two bottom ones I do recognise :-) They are Christmas to mee :-) I feel I recognise the filled one, but I don´t remember from where though.

My grandmother always made something called Klen├Ąter (when I tried to tranlste that name on Google it answered (poor eating) :-) :-) I know one boils them like one boils donuts, but that´s all I´m afraid.

Have a great day now!
Suzie said…
Thank you for the continued story, and for tempting us with those gorgeous cookies! Maybe your blog tech was sampling one of those misfits, when he forgot to rotate the photo. :-)
I'll have to make some gingerbread people again. I used to when my kids were little, and we hung some on the tree. I wondered what was happening to various ones who were missing legs, and questioned my darling children about it, to which they prompty denied any wrong doing. I found out who the culprit was when I quietly watched our golden retriever go help herself to a tasty treat! lol Yes, I think I'll make some this year, but like you did, I'll roll them in sugar. Excellent idea!!
Touchatou said…
Poor blog tech lolll Don't be too hard on him. ;)
Ah gingerbread cookies. I think tomoorrow I'll make a batch. I love the way they sting the tongue... I triple the spices to be sure they sting ;)
Rue said…
Giggle - I'm sure the blog tech will bounce back - maybe too much eggnog?

I love gingerbread - I roll mine in sugar too, but have never tried the glaze. Another tip from Jaz to try! Love it!
Bridgett said…
Those cookies! Yum, yum, yum!

I can't believe how good they look.
Salivating here. (Of course, it doesn't help that my stomach is growling.)