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December 2nd

It must seem strange that a pagan like me is posting the nativity story. I was raised Catholic and there are some things I just can't shake. I like the story.

Meet Balthasar. He is Persian and like the other wisemen, is an avid observer of the stars. For many nights he has marveled at the extraordinary bright object that seems to be moving toward the Roman province of Judea.

All astologers (Magi) of the first century believed that bright stars signified the birth of great kings, and Balthasar wants to find this king and present his gift of expensive gold.

I finished another tree.

This might be my favorite tree skirt.

Click for a better look. I would like to wear this.

I am still trying to get a good photo of a tree.

I haven't found the angels for my other trees yet.

I wanted to show you this new cutting board I just had made. There is a company in Minnesota that will make any size you want. This is three inches thick and 22 x 16.

Can you guess what I am making?

If anyone wants to see yet another batch of Corner Store pies, take a look at the following post.


I think that the nativity story is a nice story weather one belives it or not. My teacher through grade 4-6 read that story before we were going home for the holidays from school.

I´ve never seen a tree skirt before. Is that common over in the US?

What a good looking and stabil cutting board!
Have a great day now! We had 10F here this morning and it seemes it will be at least as cold tonight!
Pricilla said…
Your cutting board is exquisite.
Touchatou said…
Impressing cutting board !
And your tree.. amazing !
Rue said…
I like creche's too. I saw some really neat ones in Mexico - very colourful!

I really like the cutting board. Who says they have to be plain and boring?

Loving your trees!
oh yes, fruit cake. your tree is beautiful!
Autumnforest said…
I admit, I grew up in a Methodist family and my mother made a porcelain nativity set herself and every year it was my duty to unwrap the pieces and put them out on the buffet in the dining room. I'd kiss the baby Jesus on Christmas Eve before going to bed to tell him happy birthday. When she passed on, I was an atheist as the time, but I still wanted the set. It had a sentiment to me, something soothing. I think it represented the way a family comes together at a birth and the world changes henceforth for that person being on the earth. I still wish I had it but my Baptist brother hoarded it and won't give it to a "pagan." p.s. Love the cutting board--way cool!!!
lauraslife said…
Your blog is always a visual feast!! Closet pagan here who thinks you live your life out loud and I love the watching from afar!
Patty said…
Your blog amazes me every time I read it. Where do find (and store when your not using) all of these beautiful decorations. Can I come live with you please? I just want to sit and stare at everything!
Mrs said…
OMG, I am soooo jealous of your cutting board! It's amazing!!
Guillaume said…
As a former Catholic myself (although technically I still am as I did not formally renounce it by filling a declaration of apostasy), I understand the feeling: one cannot get rid of his own's Catholicism. I try to settle the problem by saying that I am a cultural Catholic, or a lapsed Catholic. And during Christmas time, I love a good Nativity Scene. My parents have a great one, which I have blogged about:

Guillaume said…
I am not sure if the last comment was sent... Sorry for the double post, if it is the case.

I am a former Catholic myself, so I understand where you are coming from. One cannot really get rid of it totally. I usually say that I am a cultural Catholic or a lapsed Catholic. And I still love a nice Nativity Scene during Christmastime. I blogged about the one my parents have a year ago: