A Most Special Christmas Cookie

December 17th....Santa!

Ariel, Lioness of God. Ariel, quiet and sweet, is full of love. She beckons to those around her so she may soothe them with her melodious harp. Caring and devoted as a mother lioness, she is also strong and courageous. Ariel has made a pledge to look over God's chosen and keep them from harm. Ariel is also known as the Great Angel of New Beginnings in life. It is only appropriate that she has arrived on this special night to watch over and witness this blessed event.

Tamar, the Angel. Tamar was one of the angels that appeared to the shepherds and guided them to the manger. Now she is watching over the scene to protect and glorify the Christ Child. Her presence signifies the divine nature of the new baby. She appeared to the wisemen in a dream and warned them not to tell Harod about the baby they found under the star. She knows that Harod is a jealous king who will kill any potential rival. The angels will not always protect Jesus, but they do on this night.

These are the cake stands I made to put my cookies on to give to neighbors.

I found some really nice plates on sale at a gift shop.

I collected different bases at thrift shops. This is my favorite one. I made it with a soup bowl.
Ok....this is the best new cookie recipe I've tried this year.

These are called Empire Biscuits.

They are basically shortbread rounds.

Lots of shortbread rounds.

Sandwiched together with raspberry jam.

Then frosted with a confectioners glaze.

And decorated with glaceed cherries. Aren't they precious? And they are super yummy!

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lauraslife said…
Those cookies are beautiful, love the plates, how did you attach the plates to the bases?
Oh my ... what a beautiful, beautiful cookie!
Melodie said…
Both projects are gorgeous, the plates and cookies! The cookies look almost too pretty to eat!
William Bezek said…
those cookies are too perfect to eat!
"The angels will not always protect Jesus, but they do on this night." Pretty ominous foreshadowing! And OMG, those cookies are rich! Plus visually they're works of art.
I am making those cookies tonight! Perfect!
Those plates are really christmasy, even if they aren´t made just for christmas! Like them a lot!

Those bisquites!!! So beautiful and probably dangerously tasty too :-) :-)

I feel we lack the gift of frosting over here. To be honest, I can only think of frosted gingerbreads and some different spung cakes with frosting over here. None of them so beautiful like the ones You´ve made!
Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
Lots of shortbread rounds is an understatement...
heh heh
Autumnforest said…
You're a goddess-you create magic with your fingers. Your neighbors must salivate whenever they see you. :-)
Sonia ;) said…
Jaz...Is there anything you can not do darlin. I love the whole idea of a how you made the cake /cookie stands...Hopefully next year Im on the ball. Looks amazing as always Jaz your witchin it LOL.

Touchatou said…
You did them ! The stands ! Fantastic result, dear ! I am impressed. What kind of glue did you use ?
Nydia said…
Lovely set of china, and a lovely pair of angels, so cute! Oh I love these cookies, they look delicious!
Kisses from Nydia.
Bridgett said…
If those cookies taste half as good as they look, I'm sure they'll cause me to move up a pant size. LOL