December 24 th.

Joseph. It is hard to find a more supportive person in human history than Joseph. His fiance has told him that she is pregnant with the child of God, and he supports her. Now he finds himself caught on the road at the time of delivery. Imagine the strain on both of them as they try to find a place to spend the night. Then the baby is born, the star appears, and and people begin to gather. Joseph probably has his doubts about Mary's story, but those doubts have now changed to gratitude and awe.

Since the nativity has only one day to go, I thought I would show you some nativities around my town.

This nativity is the only one nationally to be authorized by the Vatican.

The figures are larger than life size.

This is a small creche next to a church.

This is another very large one by another church.

Some of my cookie trays waiting to be delivered.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and for those celebrating the Feast of the Seven Fishes.....ENJOY!!!!

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What's the Feast of the Seven Fishes? Never heard of it before!
William Bezek said…
My fave of the seven is the calamari! I thought your cookies were perfect by themselves, but look at those glorious bundles you have made! Cheers
Pricilla said…
Have a wonderful day my friend. Enjoy all of that good cooking you have done and avoid goat gas at all costs....
I am so glad I found your blog!
Autumnforest said…
Hope you're having a cozy, warm, and super smiling holiday! I'm sure your neighbors are smiling--those are awesome cookie collections!
Melodie said…
Merry Christmas !!!!
Merry Christmas!
I have never seen any nativity outside anywhere in Sweden. Seing them in Your blog makes me wish we had some over here to. No matter what belifs one has, they are beautiful!

Thanks once again for the gifts I got from You, tomorrow I´ll have pancakes with maple syrup! :-)
Touchatou said…
Happy Solstice, dear !

Your packaged cookies are inspiring!
Abeje said…
Merry Christmas!