Santa Claus

December 6th. We've been so busy on this trip that I gave my blog tech the weekend off. We will be back tomorrow and I will be posting pics of all the wonderful things we saw. Until then....more Santas.

Shira. Shira had been asleep when her father and brother came back through the shepherd's camp on their way to Bethlehem. She heard them talking about the star and the angels and the birth of a savior. Never before had she seen them so excited. Not one to be left out of things, she quickly got dressed, and with her pet goat followed them. She is now approaching the stable and is very curious about what is happening.

A Tim Jumper Santa.

A German Santa.

This little guy wears a wool coat and snazzy plaid pants.

Carved wooden Santas.

This vintage Santa is so cute. When you wind him up he waves at you and rings his bell.

Santa is stuck in the chimney.

Another Tim Jumper hand carved Santa.


I´ve never heard of Shira before.

I love the santas, especially the carved ones! But if You hadn´t written they are santas I would probably guess on Gandalf :-) :-)
Have a great day now!
Autumnforest said…
The wooden ones are gorgeous!
The Tim Jumper Santas are adorable!
Pricilla said…
So many cute Santas...almost as many as you have pumpkins ;)