Santas Santas Everywhere (Ignore the above date. It shows the date I wrote this before I left for the trip.)

Santa! December 5th.

Francis of Assisi. St. Francis, the the thirteenth century Italian friar, is credited with being the first person to recreate the manger scene as a way of celebrating Christmas. His original scenes were set up in the forest near Grecchio using live animals. Animals, especially birds, were important spiritual beings to St. Francis. He believed in being humble before God, and the natural world embodied that kind of humility. The dove he is holding symbolizes both nature and peace, the hopeful theme of Christmas.

A German papier mache' Santa.

A gardening Santa.

He has seed packets on his hat and pruning sheers under his arm.

A vintage late 1940's Santa.

A felt and wire Santa.


Autumnforest said…
That gardening Santa is my favorite Santa I've ever seen--and I've seen a lot! Wow! I love seeing your advent calendar open. It's like being a kid again!
I really like You´r santas! The german one looks a bit angry though :-) :-)

St Francis is one of thje few catholic saints I know something about and I like him a lot.
Have a great day now!
oldblackcatboo said…
Hey! I just saw Santa driving a white PT Cruiser with "Santa" license plates! LOL!!!
Pricilla said…
so cute. I like the papier mache Santa...