December 3rd

Kaspar the wiseman. Kaspar is a Moor from North Africa, and he has traveled far with his gift of frankincense to join the other wisemen in following the star to the new king. Together they decided to visit Herod, the Roman governor of Judea, to seek the whereabouts of the new baby who is destined to become a king. Herod is very interested in this potential rival, and he has sent them to the area of Bethlehem with instructions to report back if they find a special baby. The wisemen all have a dream warning them not to report back to Herod.

I am off on another trip early tomorrow morning. My blog tech will be catching up with me on Saturday so I have set up some posts for my time without him. As soon as I can I will be sharing my trip with you. Meanwhile, I will be sharing some of my Santa collection.

This is a new Santa that I bought at the Country Living Fair this summer. He is my only redware Santa.

This is a vintage blow light Santa from the 50's.

This Santa is probably from the late 40's or early 50's.

He has a great face.

This ceramic Santa was made in Germany and can be used as a planter or a candy holder.


Autumnforest said…
You know, I've always meant to collect santas. They have a special meaning to me. When I was 8 years old, I told my mother I was going to marry Santa. My mother laughed. I asserted, "I am going to be Mrs. Claus." I even practice writing my name with the last name "Claus." Ironically, fast forward 13 years later and I married a "Clauss" and am "Mrs. Clauss." Talk about fate!
Touchatou said…
As always, you amaze me by the quality of your collections. ;) Have a nice trip, love.
Nice santas!
I had some real good ones in my gardencenter but forgot them there when I sold the place.
Have a great trip now!
William Bezek said…
Sweet Santas! What happened to the one with a bad appendicitis scar? Some how I think there are many more.
Pricilla said…
Frankincense is one of my favorite oils.