Cachat: Provencal Cheese Spread

This is a really easy recipe and so very good. Put a log of goat cheese in a food processor. Add about 4 ounces of cream cheese.

I just bought a wheel of Buttermilk Blue cheese from Wisconsin. Any blue cheese would work. I think Buttermilk Blue is the best blue cheese there is!

Isn't it beautiful? Mmmmm....

Add a nice wedge of the blue cheese to the processor. Add a few tablespoons of heavy cream and process.

Then process 1 teaspoon of eau-de-vie into the mix. I was fresh out of eau=de-vie if you can believe it, so I just added a teaspoon of cognac. This is so good served with crackers or vegetables.

No flowers here.

Cold cat.

Brrrrrrd feeder.

No celestial warmth happening.

Snow shovel.

Chilly Chow Chow.

Cistern cicles.

Oops...out of order. This is what the finished Cachat looks like.

Stay warm out there.


Pricilla said…
You are too funny! I love bleu cheese. I hope someday to make it with the goats' milk.
Your garden in winter is beautiful!
Autumnforest said…
I love a garden in wintertime. Oh heck, I like it in spring, summer and fall too, but I never get to see winter here. It's basically autumn all winter in Phoenix. The spread looks super nummers. Teddy looks like it's her kind of weather, huh?
Lynelle said…
Man, now I'm lost in cheese lust.
Suzie said…
oooh, that spread looks SO good! And what a nice way to end a winter garden tour, with a nice treat waiting for you when you come in.

I love how winter strips the details of a garden, and changes our perspective on what is still visible. Yours is exceptional! I have to say though, I don't think that Teddy is sharing my glee! She looks more anxious to get inside and sample that cheese spread. lol
I love blue cheese! Over here we have a similar thing, but we have just a little piece of blue cheese and mix it with a mild cream cheese. Let it stay in the fridge a couple of days. The mould will then spread in the mix. It tastes perfect :-)
Have a great day now!
That sounds sooooooo good and nice and simple too! Thanks a bunch for sharing. :) Peace.
Toria said…
What an easy looking recipe & yummy sounding recipe. Thank you.

I love looking at snow covered gardens, so different to where I livel
Linda said…
That looks like a good spread! Love the outdoor photos, especially the 'cold cat'....stay warm!
Anonymous said…
that spread looks so good, you always have the best recipes! thanks for sharing
The Frog Queen said…
Yum, I am so making that spread....anything with blue cheese is heaven in my book! :D

At first glance at the cat statue in snow I thought it was a real cat...made me gasp! :D Silly frog queen!

As always, thanks for sharing.

Bridgett said…
I love cheese...and cheese on crackers is so delicious! I suspect I would LOVE that dip.

You still have oodles of snow! It's almost completely gone here. It's been in the 40's and the snow is nearly gone. Makes me kind of sad to be honest.

Have a great weekend! Sorry I'm so late getting here.