Chess Anyone?

On this cold snowy day, while waiting for repair men to arrive, I thought I would show you my chess set.

I love chess and don't play it nearly enough.

When my son was younger, we would play chess each morning while waiting for his bus.

This is the closeup of the king, the lion king!

I have never figured out why the king is holding a club behind his back. I guess he wants to beat his opponent.

Sneaky king.

The pawns are rabbits.

Stay warm out there today!


Pricilla said…
It's stunning.
Well, after checkmate he's going to club the losing piece of course!

I used to play with my mother but I doubt I remember all the rules...
Suzie said…
I LOVE it!! And you made me realize that I never posted the photo of my holiday chess set that my younger daughter got for me several years ago. Very Christmasy, but it isn't as intricate as yours. Yours is gorgeous! Do you have a collection of chess sets?

My Grandfather and Dad taught me to play when I was little (along with cribbage), and I taught my kids when they were young too. Two out of the three still play today.

And I bought my Hubs an electronic one to help exercise his brain, fighting his growing dementia.

Chess is the ultimate time honored game, that I too don't get to play enough.

The phrase "repair man" is enough to send chills through one's body. I hope that it is only a very simple, non-expensive one!

Stay warm!!
Rebecca said…
What a magical set! It's lovely. xoxox
Guillaume said…
I am not a very good chess player, but I love a chess board, especially with unique/unusual figures like that one.
Ha ha! And the bishops are sly, crafty foxes (appropriately enough)! What a beautiful chess set. I play occasionally -- very, very badly.
What a beautiful chess set! I´ve never seen anything like it. I like playing chess now and again, but I haven´t enough patiens for it to be honest :-)
Have a great day!
I hope the repairs didn´t cost to much!
Rue said…
What a gorgeous set! And what a nice memory for your son, playing chess while waiting for the bus. It's better than sitting in front of a tv!
Touchatou said…
So original ! I have no one to play with me... but I loved to play.
Lyon said…
Ha! I know why the king has a club behind his back. He's looking at those pawns and thinking he's going to bop little bunny on the head and have some rabbit stew for dinner! ;-)
Aussiemade said…
Hi Jaz, such a beautifully crafted chess set. I finally have caught up with your blog, and I am so glad that Teddy is looking so much better, apart from chilled. I love your Christmas decorations all decorated in snow. Ahhh and I will be cooking some of the recipes you have included. That french one looks so good I swear I could smell it. Toby thinks he would like baked beans too if Teddy does.
Katie said…
You had enough time in the morning to play chess while waiting for the bus?! What a well-behaved child your son was!! I'm lucky if I can get mine out of bed and into suitable clothes by the time the bus horn is honking down our driveway!!
Bridgett said…
Those are really beautiful chess pieces! I used to play when I was younger, but haven't played for years. I can't even remember which piece moves which way. :)