A Giveaway, Teddy and Thrift Finds

I've decided to do a series of small giveaways. I want to share some of my thrift finds with all of you! The first one will be for this pressed glass relish dish and these two pristine hand towels. The towels are quite lovely. One is embroidered and the other woven with fringe on the border. You know the drill, just sign on to follow if you don't already. Then leave a comment on this post. I will pick the winner on Monday morning.

Teddy and I are rather sad that the holidays are over.

So, we are already dreaming of returning to the beach in Rockport next fall.

She was telling me how much she misses rolling in the sand.

Thank heavens the sand is well packed on that beach.

Teddy wants to roll some more.

So now we will just count down to Halloween and get through the rest of the year.

After all, we are only 282 days away!

Here are the rest of yesterday's thrift grabs. I collect these vintage refrigerator containers. They are usually a bit expensive but this one was only 4.50.

Two little pressed glass bowls which will be nice to use for a Valentine's gift when filled with something yummy. Two for 1.00.

A nice milk glass plate. 50 cents

Three green depression glass bowls with matching plates. 99 cents each.

Another nice pressed glass candy dish. 1.29 cents.

A very heavy sectional pressed glass dish. Other than the obvious relishes, what else were these used for? 2.00

A sectional dish with a round area in the middle to hold a bowl. 2.00

A sectional relish and an open relish. 1.95 each.

A very pretty (Vaseline glass?) plate. 3.50

I love finding these pieces. I like to bake bread loaves in glass and this one has a top. I guess it could also be used for meatloaf.

This is marked with a W. Westinghouse used to be a big manufacturer of kitchen appliances and I guess they had their own line of cookware. 2.00

Some of these pieces will be showing up on future giveaways. I couldn't pass this up for 1.50, but I just don't have anywhere to put all of this glass. I guess I will be thrift shopping for you!

A really nice pressed glass candy dish. 2.50

And yet another juicer for 2.50. I am going to be including this in the retro basket I will be giving away over on Mrs. B's in February. I will be putting the button up on my sidebar as soon as it is ready.

My daughter took this with her this morning. A pink depression glass sectional piece. She is going to use it on her dresser to hold jewelry. What was a dish like this used for? 4.00

A heavy oval pressed glass platter. 1.95

This is marked on the handle as an Acme grater. I am not sure what you would grate with this. Breadcrumbs? I am going to use it as a strainer.

Sign up and/or leave a comment and help me out here. I am drowning in glass!!!


Marie S said…
You found some wonderful stuff. The divided relish trays my grandmother used to use for olives and green onions at the dinner table. I love the vaseline glass tray. I remember the refrigerator containers. I have one of the juicers too and still use it, gave away my electric one.
Thank you so much for sharing these. It was like visiting with my grandmothers this morning.
Amy said…
Gosh I wish there was a little place around here to find goodies like these. Great finds!
It´s so fun to see all Your thrifts findings, especially those in glass. They remind me so much of my grandmother, she had so many things that looks very similar to those You show here:-)

Teddy is so cute! I hope she feels better now!
Have a great day now!
Marjorie said…
I'll gladly take some glass off your hands, I love all that stuff! My mom doesn't bother to shop for me for Christmas anymore, she just goes into the attic and packages up something that belonged to her aunts, or her mom, grandparents, etc. My collection is nothing like yours though!
well...that's it..i think we're sisters...

you are counting the days till Halloween..282...me too....I LIVE for Halloween. have a huge collection of vintage..i like all the old stuff....I too am sad to see that the holidays are over..every day when i walk buddy...my toy poodle....i say...i can't believe christmas is gone..where did it go....

LOVE teddy...adorable....what a love bug..

love going to the thrift shops...we like the same things...love the old relish dishes and refrigerator containers are my FAVORITE...you have put a stop to the Goodwill on my list today...found a great old halloween light last fall there that was a jack o lantern that i had in the upstairs window...almost cried when i had to take it down...i almost cry every year when i have to take all my halloween down...it is everywhere....takes most of the day..to tell you the truth...i start putting it out little by little after the 4th of july..don't tell anybody...

love the witch flying by on your moon on the sidebar...would i LOVE to figure out how to get that on my blog....darling.

love that all your favorite books are cookbooks..all mine are too...i live for cooking and seasonal food and cookbooks....

i am going to cruise your blog now..i was just so excited to find you....

do we have the same dna?

where do you live? what town? i live in san luis obispo, ca...but am pretending i live in new england..i wish.....

went there a few years ago right before halloween....was LOVING it so MUCH !

off to visit some more...

more later,
your halloween friends,
kary and buddy
count me in for the giveaway!!
i cannot believe the great stuff you find. so lucky!
Tracy DeLuca said…
Teddy is so cute! The little relish dishes and divided dishes would be great to serve nuts in. Or candies at the holidays!

Count me in for the giveaway!
Very nice of you to do our thrift store shopping for us. Too funny. I must live in the wrong part of the country or folks here don't give up good stuff, because I go thrifting and the glass is ususally usual....not fun like you've pictures. I especially love the lace edge white plate. I have taken the compotes in milk glass and added beads and bangles to the lacey edges, just too wonderful. Thanks for your site, I love what you picture and Teddy so much. I too am counting the days until Halloween, my fav.
Mama Feoneafey said…
Oh what lovely pieces you have and i too love the glass refrigerator boxes and vintage glass lunch plates and, well, anything vintage really. Now my Grama and my Mom ( and now myself when I use thier pieces left to me)would use glass sectional pieces for arrangements of crackers and cheese/balls and fruits or veggies, bread sticks, sliced luncheon meats and dip, or different types of sweets and candies she would want to separate by type ( as you can see any good hostes had more than one ,i have several some pink, some green, some silver(?) and many clear). Those wonderful sectional plates are so versatile ! Oh, and they Do hold candles and dresser trinkets very nicely too !

Your Teddy is such a doll-baby.

Is it ok to post about your giveaway on my Blog??
Ma Fey
Linda said…
Oh I LOVE all your great finds. I also have this thing for glass and use those cute sectional dishes all the time. I would love to be in your giveaway and you know I'm a follower!
Touchatou said…
Hey dear ! Found your grater here : http://www.vermontcountrystore.com/Shop?dsp=30000&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial&Ntk=primary&Nty=0&keywordsearch=true&keyword=grater&x=3&y=4. It is used for cheese and veggies. ;)

I remember when I was little, an almost 100 years aunt of mine used the relish divided tray for candies : ours eyes would never get off of it ! loll

I would really love to find such pieces here, too !
Dominique said…
I love to see all those ''Antiquités'' I am a lover to...

I love witches as you... As I am one, my bithday is on halloween !

I will be back to visit you !
Pricilla said…
The pink and green depression glass is gorgeous. I can't believe you are finding it that cheap.

I drool.

Thanks for sharing!!!!
a.rogue said…
What a lot of great peices you have found! I buy a couple a year... Don't know where I would put everything if I brought home a hal like this ona regular basis :)
I have a question - How do you tell pressed glass from etched glass?
Luv the pictures of Teddy; I think she would make a wonderful pillow snuggling up on the sofa!
rox said…
Oh my I would love to enter ! we are in Canada though so not sure if we qualify . If we do win I could certainly help with shipping costs .
I love the rollie pollie pictures of Teddy !
Yart said…
I sent you an award if you are interested in playing:
Moncha said…
Those are gorgeous. You have such a lot of beautiful things.
I'm afraid the thrift shop here in my little town hasn't got such lovely things !!
I would love to enter Teddy's Give-a Way ; )
Love all te flea market finds! I am so glad to see Teddy doing well and feeling good. Tanks for sharing. Tammy
Anet said…
I love your thrifty finds!
I have some of the pressed glass bowls that you found.
I'm starting to hunt for more vintage candy dishes for my daughter's wedding in October.

Love... to Teddy:)
Anonymous said…
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