Grooming Day for Teddy/ Thrifting Day for Me

Look at that fluffy butt!!!Chow Chows carry their tails like plumes and are fiercely proud of them. Just a small tip, never try to touch a chow chows tail. They do not take kindly to that!

Back from the groomer and positioned for cooking.

Eeeeesh....more glass. If anyone sees anything really desirous, point it out to me and maybe it will become a giveaway! I found these two matching cake plates. Sweet.

Another divided tray.

And a sunflower bowl.

Which, when put together, makes a nice serving dish.

I love this piece. This is one I am keeping. I've never seen one of these before. It is a very ornate covered divided dish.

I paid 9.00 for this which is much more than I usually cough up. I thought this was special though.

Three more of these. For a dollar each, they are rivaling paper plates.

And yet another divided dish.

I am now using this little pressed glass dish to serve toast for breakfast.

Two matching nappies. Can you believe these were 49 cents each?

Three footed pressed glass bowls. These were marked 1.29 each but it was half off day soooooo....65 cents.

There are just endless glass sugars and creamers every where I go. They are usually marked 49 cents. Though they don't always match, I like the idea of combining odd pieces.

Plus, the sugar bowls can always be used as spooners.

Another citrus juicer....1.29.

A cute little pedestal candy dish for 99 cents.

I have been finding a lot of pressed glass leaf dishes. I think I will put them all together for a giveway.

A cute syrup dispenser. I often make french toast with leftover homemade bread and give it to neighbors so this will come in handy.

Two more little pitchers. I use these all the time to serve gravy. I also make my daughter's morning tea in these.

And SCORE....I found one of my McCoy cauldrons. It was 95 cents. I have never paid so little for one of these.

This is for the mother in law.....ugh! But she will like it and that will make my husband happy so.......God....are you watching this??????


Linda said…
I need to come visit you and go thrifting. I love all that pressed glass. I've got a thing about not being able to leave all those sweet little dishes for $1, I mean they make awesome gifts~put candy in them or some little something. I understand your getting them all. I love the divided server with the bowl in the center, now that is a nice find. The covered dish is awesome, I can understand paying more for that one, it is special!Good of you to buy something you know someone else will love.
inannasstar said…
looks like you had a fun day thrifting and Teddy looks gorgeous after her day of pampering! I can't imagine the hair you must have to clean up in your house! I have 2 boxers and most people think they don't shed but boy do they ever. I wouldn't know what to do without my trusty Dyson.
oh my god, i love your stuff! i cannot believe the deals you find. love that covered dish. and what is a nappie? i don't know that term.
Dessa said…
I LOVE, LOVE thrifting. But OMG those are some great prices. The Goodwill store in town--which is the thrift store I usually frequest--has gotten quite pricey.
I don´t think I´ve seen that much pressed glass anywhere :-) I think that we over here doesn´t understand what that syrup dispenser actully is. We use it for granulated sugar over here :-) :-)

Teddy I always cute!
Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
The sunflower dish is lovely. Not as lovely as Teddy of course.....
Autumnforest said…
Which is more beautiful? The glass? Teddy? Oh, Teddy, you big ego--it's you! Hee hee. Our dog was half chow chow and half golden retriver. She got the curly tail and black speckled tongue, but otherwise looked just like a retriever. I always wanted to get a full chow chow--lots of maintenance and probably not comfortable in the desert, so I'll wait until some day when I move to a gentle climate. In the mean time, I borrow pictures of Teddy to make me smile and "baby talk" (I do that every time I see a dog!)
Touchatou said…
Can we go thrift in your house ? lollllll You have so much beautiful things, you could open a store. ;) The citrus juicer would make a great giveaway. ;)
Lynelle said…
Teddy is so cute it nearly makes my heart explode!
Dahlin`, as we say in the south, you have a gift for thrift. :-) Teddy is beautimus...reallly beautiful. Glad she has you for a Mom. You "get it", life, love and a kind heart. Oh yes, and you are a "smokin" cook.
Tell Teddy I said he is "looking good!" Wow, does he look wonderful.
greekwitch said…
Teddy looks great! She makes you want to kiss her in frenzy short of way! Sooo cute!
Here in Greece we do not have thrift stores. We have carnivals though with all kind of cheap, beautiful things, but they are rare!
lilylovekin said…
Thank you for stopping by my blog and your comment. What a gracious and kind person you must be to take care of someone who mistreated you in the past. And to do so with no thanks or at least that is what I heard, I admire you. I hope your husband appreciates what you do for his mother.
idrawpix said…
Teddy has a sweet life! Of course, living with you has everything to do with it...a personal seafood chef, a lickable chopping board, beauty treatments, health & wellness care, woolen leg warmers, and the center of attention! Lucky, lucky pup!
Laura said…
The little pedestal candy stand looks just like two I have that were my grandmothers. I treasure them so. Teddy looks lovely and well.
Bridgett said…
I love the little sunflower dish. You really find some beautiful pieces...and for so cheap! It's amazing.

Teddy looks gorgeous! I love her color...
I am amazed at the prices for these lovely objects! Thrift stores here are expensive in comparison. Not so much fun :) I like the divided covered dish. Give Teddy a kiss! She is such a sweetie.
oldblackcatboo said…
One of my absolute favorite things to do! Go thrifting. You got some fabulous finds!

Many years ago I had a Chow Chow. When I moved into my first home, I had researched Chow Chows and I had it all planned, I was going to get a gold boy and name him "Winnie the Pooh".
So I drive out to this tiny town, down a dirt road (all by myself) and pulled up at the address...the house was falling apart with old toys etc. scattered about...the woman who answered the door looked tired and worn out and had a room full of screaming little kids. In her kitchen in a filthy box was this tiny black ball of fur...I picked her up and handed the woman some cash and we left. I held her against me the whole way home. I gave her a bath immediately and as I was brushing/ drying her, the name "Keoke" (a coffee and Kahlua drink) came to mind. She was the sweetest girl. Sometimes we make plans and they don't work out in the way we thought they would but in the way they were meant to.