Here Teddy....Smile For the Camera

Teddy doesn't like having her picture taken. She is like me that way. Hey Teddy, come here. I want to take your picture to post on the blog. Everyone likes to see you.

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Come on puppy...look at mama.

No...don't hide your head in the bushes.

Here pup....just one pic. Don't hide behind the planter.

I know you are tired since it is just 4:30 in the morning but couldn't you just smile a little? How about if I get you a TREAT?

The camera and Teddy focus on the treat intensely.

Body of Christ.....puppy communion.

Freeze dried alligator sure is tasty in the morning.

But it is a bit tough to chew.

This reminds me of the scene from Chevy Chase's Christmas vacation when they were all gnawing on the dried turkey.

I'm getting's just a bit chewy.

Isn't it interesting how smart these puppies are? The next time I walked out with the camera....

Teddy came right up to me, face in the camera, looking for more alligator.

I went down to the gardens yesterday to have a look around and thought I would show some before (fall) and after (winter) pictures. Here is the huge Weeping Beech in September.

Here it is now. That crooked long branch in the center is the top of the trunk of the weeping beech.

Here is the big bald cypress in September.

There it is straight ahead now.

Here is the lower pond last fall.

Here it is now with a couple fish that did not 'winter over'.

A few did make it so far though. Hang in there little fishies. Spring is coming.

A view from fall looking down through the forest.

Here it is now.

My Brussel sprouts in the fall.

Here they are now....still edible and probably sweeter.


Felinae said…
Your gardens are just beautiful, just like Teddy :D
My two dogs dislike the camera too, but one of the cats, OMG! she is a camera hog, no modesty on her part. LOL!

Have a wonderful day
Anonymous said…
Interesting! I love Teddy!
Teddy's looking so healthy and lively -- nice to see!
Mama Feoneafey said…
Thank you so much for such a wonder look into you and Teddy's world.. I needed the giggles and smiles you gave me this morning ! What a Beautiful garden you have! Blessings of laughter and joy to Both of you!
Ma Fey
The Frog Queen said…
Ah, Teddy is a smart one!!! How sweet is that. And as always I just love the pictures of your yard...very inspirting.

Rue said…
I love the before and after pics! It really is wonderful to see what Nature does, and then how it all comes back in the Spring!

You can still eat the brussel sprouts? My mom plants carrots in the fall, and puts hay over them. Then she sends my dad out to dig them all Winter for soups and such. Somehow they survive!
Melodie said…
It is just lovely around your place! Even the winter pictures are wonderful with the view of the town rooftops!
I do the same thing - looking at each scene or tree in my back yard during the different seasons. It's amazing what you can see.
Autumnforest said…
I feel renewed--Got to see Teddy and the beautiful outdoors. Ah...
Anonymous said…
Teddy is no fool, she's a quick learner! That comment about the Christmas Vacation movie made me chuckle, that's a great scene.
Pricilla said…
Cypress trees are fascinating to me...
Your Teddy is so adorable!!! Thank you for the follow!!
I laughed and laughed and laughed at Teddy's communion picture! Marvelous! Teddy the Magnificent is up at 4:30 a.m. Oh my! She doesn't even know she's a star. Just pass the alligator chips!

Great job, great photo's, great fun!

Thanks for the follow!
That face on Teddy..I can't get enough of her...that post was so funny...and I loved seeing your garden....

i got your button on my blog and FINALLY got the link to work..

more later you two....

kary and buddy
Every year I pull out Christmas Vacation and still find it entertaining. Chevy chewing that dried out turkey...I immediately got a mind's eye memory of how he looked. *smile* (I'm practicing not using smiley faces. grrrr..
Teddy knows where to go for the delicious treats. Alligator? Really?

The seasonal pictures are great. What difference. :) oops! :)

Bridgett said…
Teddy is so adorable! But alligator? ::cringes:: LOL

Those before and after pictures are pretty amazing. And those brussel sprouts...mmmm.