How To Repurpose a Hambone

Split pea soup of course.

I forgot to take some pics again but basically up to this point, I just put the hambone in a pot, added some chopped onions, carrots and celery, potatoes and a package of split peas. Tied up a bunch of fresh herbs and covered it all in chicken stock.

I let it simmer for about an hour.

While it cooked, I fried some bacon and chopped it up.

And I carefully diced extra ham into small cubes. With a pureed soup I like small chunks. Large chunks are just too hardy for a puree.

I got my food mill ready.

Then added the solids from the soup. I ran this through the food mill to extract all the liquids.

Then put the solids in my food processor. puke. The return of the Exorcist. Actually, this is what the pureed solids look like and I added them to the liquid from the food mill. Then I added the small cubes of ham.

Now that looks better.

Ladled into bowls and topped with a sprinkling of bacon, it is perfect to eat.....

When it looks like this outside.

In fact maybe I will just fill my bathtub with it.....

And soak in it until this goes away.

Just kidding.....this is my favorite weather. Let it snow!!!!! Bring it on baby!!!! I want more.


Pricilla said…
Aaaah, I make corn and ham chowder with mine...
I love all kinds of pea soup, but it makes me fart more than my dogs combiend :-) :-) Over here we always have sausages in our pea soup.

The last three pictures are so beautiful, but now I´m tired of snow and cold weather. At the moment it´s 0F outside and the night is still young.
Have a great day now!
Tracy said…
I don't really care for pea soup. But, I have a big ol' ham bone that is going to be made into white beans with ham some day soon!
Touchatou said…
Another very traditionnal food around here !
A pea soup bath ? Why not ! lollll
Suzie said…
Split Pea with Ham is one of my Hubs favorite soups! I would have sent him over, except we are getting an estimated additional 2 feet of snow on top of our 20+ inches! And like you, I love it!

I swear that we were separated at birth, except I am probably older, so that presents a slight challenge! lol

He says that he will be very happy with the Chicken Pot Pie Soup that I'll be making tomorrow (tactful man! lol)

And I told him that split pea would be the next one in the soup pot, which made him very happy! Thanks for showing us your version!

Oh, and I'm trying to figure out what brand of food mill you have. I've had two, and didn't like either one.

Have a great weekend!!
Suzie said…
P.S. I found the thick Worchestershire Sauce! Thanks!!!
Aubrey said…
I feel like I'm gaining weight just coming over to your blog! LOL
Another yummy dish!
Lisa M said…
what a gorgeous back yard you have!
Just stopping by to welcome you to the SITStahood!
justjoycee said…
I've got a nice hambone in my freezer and this recipe would be just great!
Bridgett said…
You have a stunning yard...and you should definitely save some of that snow in jars for magickal purposes. :)

And split pea soup is one of my absolute favorites! Yum!

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday.