A New Giveaway From Teddy

The winner of last weeks giveaway is: Wsprsweetly of Cottages. Send me your address and I will ship it right out! This weeks giveaway consists of these four covered mini tureens, each sitting in their own basket. They come with two oval serving dishes with baskets. These are brand new. Just sign on to follow and leave a comment or if you are already a follower, just leave a comment. Tell us what you would serve in these if you are the winner. Good luck!

My kitchen guard was on duty early this morning.

I made French toast for the masses and the smell was a bit more than she could handle.

How could anyone say no to this gimme face?

I also made a simple tuna salad and thought I would show you the recipe. I emptied 2 jars of tuna with it's oil into a bowl. Always use the oil. It has lots of flavor. I also added a can of black beans. You can use any kind of beans.

Add a diced medium onion.

And several chopped carrots.

Some diced celery.

I like green olives in my tuna salad so I added them too.

Add the juice of one lime.

Some salt and pepper.

About four diced hard boiled eggs.

About half cup of sour cream.

And one cup of mayonnaise.

Mix this thoroughly.

Then add some prepared pasta.

I serve a scoop of it on some spring lettuce.

My new deep fryer.

And my new All-Clad griddle. This is a wonderful griddle.

I tried them both out this morning. I made sour cream doughnuts in the deep fryer.

Quite a nice deep fryer. It is a Waring Pro.

I made maple frosted doughnuts.

And some glazed, a few with jam.

Here is my recipe for French toast. Add 10 eggs to the bowl of your mixer.

Add about a half cup of sugar.

A teaspoon or so of vanilla extract.

I also add about a teaspoon of vanilla powder. You can skip this step if you don't have the powder.

Add about a cup and a half of milk.

Slice a dense loaf of bread into 1 inch thick slices and lay them in rectangular pans. Pour the egg mixture over the bread.

Turn them over a couple of times to coat them and let them sit and absorb the egg mixture. This recipe made 27 pieces of French toast so you can half the recipe for less.

Lay them out on a buttered griddle. You can use a frying pan if you don't have a griddle.

Cook them until they turn golden brown.

Serve them with maple syrup.


oh goodness your food pictures are wonderful... the doughnuts... love the fryer and the french toast.. so yummy.... all of it almost made me forget about the giveaway.... What would I serve in the dishes if I won them... I think I would serve my homemade tortilla soup in th small ones and the 2 ovals... one with homemade tortilla chips and the other with pico...
Oh my goodness, I may have to go back and have breakfast again. Yummy. I have never fixed tuna salad that way but I will now.
I was waiting for you to put these on as a giveaway. I don't usually enter but I just love serving french onion soup, green chile stew and all manner of goodies that would be so wonderful in this serving set. Please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks so much for all the "goodies" you share both thrifty finds and nifty food items. You rock.
I know how glad Mona will be when finding out that she won the giveaway :-) Congrats Mona!

I was thinking that Teddy has the perfect face for begging :-) :-) I don´t think that even I could resist it :-)

The french toast looks very much like somethig we call french knights. But I can´t recall that we have vanilla in them but we do have cinnamon instead.

Wouldn´t these tureens fit for making souffle in them? I have been thinking of making that one day, perhaps it´ll happen now when I´m going to stay home for three months :-)

Take away the olives and I would eat that tunasallad directly :-)
Have a great day now!
Birgit said…
Oh, those dishes are great! What would I serve in them? Any kind of soup, e.g. tomato soup! Moreover, I think the dishes are perfect for chili con carne, too. Thanks for the chance!

Greetings from Munich,
TMCPhoto said…
I've been dreaming about all sorts of things to serve in those dishes:

Hot cheesy baking powder biscuits and cornchowder

chili pepper cornbread and meaty chilli

Fresh sourdough bread and seafood chowder

and assortment of hot and cold dips with chips, crackers and cut vegetables

oh the possibilities....

How many people do you feed when you make french toast for the masses? You always look like your feeding a small army, and what a lucky army too.
Pricilla said…
That is one stunning griddle! My new stove. The one that sits in the basement awaiting installation *sigh* has a griddle insert. I can't wait. He is putting flooring down today. I rejoice!

I had a fryer in my old life. It was nice to have now if I fry I just use my wok...I have an All Clad CopRChef wok. I kept my good pots when we hit the road.

Your little tureens are very sweet but you know I can't enter and you know why ;)
That Teddy is soooo generous...Thank you,Teddy. I love the recipe for tuna salad, especially with the black beans, I am a big fan of them and green olives. YUM!
Oh, my goodness - I haven't made doughnuts since I was in high school, and let me tell you, that was a loong time ago!
In those wonderful dishes I would serve West Clare Irish stew with a helping of brown bread on the side and a huge dallop of mashed potato's right smack dab in the middle.
Please put me in for Teddy's give-away!
Suzie said…
I swear that you and I are on the same wave length. I was telling Hubs this morning, that IF I had a deep fryer, I could make him his favorite donuts! lol And congrats on the new griddle! It looks wonderful! I love getting new kitchen appliances and utensils. It makes cooking and baking even more fun! I have a feeling that working in your kitchen is heavenly!

Please tell Teddy that she has excellent taste in picking out her giveaway prizes! What would I put in these? For starters, I make some variety of soup, stew or chili once a week. I can also see casseroles in these too. .heck, even a nice bowl of hot cereal! lol

For once, you and I make our French toast almost the same way. The only two other ingredients that I add are some nutmeg, and a pinch of cinnamon. And I sift some confectioner's sugar over it before serving,just for looks. :-)

But your tuna fish recipe is a new one for me, and looks SO good! This is going to be a must try for me! Thank you!!
What a beginning to a day! I am so pleased, ok, and excited to have won one of Joyce's giveaways..and..I don't find me on your list of followers and thought I was there..no matter, I am now! *smile*
Tuna salad is one of my favorite foods and the recipe you featured today really interested me. I will have it for lunch this afternoon.

Also, since my family is so large..the french toast is fantastic. I will be doing that one also. I need recipe's for large gathering. We always have a huge Easter Brunch, and this will be fantastic to serve! Thanks, so much Joyce.
I am so happy to have found you on Christer's blog. (We share an admiration for that young gentle man blogger!)
I have so much to catch up on here. Thank you again for letting me know I won your giveaway! :)
What a wonderful feeling for this tired old lady! :)
carma said…
I recently got a new vegetarian cookbook, so I'd use them for one of those delectable recipes - perhaps the one involving broccoli and cheese. Teddy is awesome :D
Busy lady preparing and serving up the great food. The tuna salad is awesome can't wait to make it. Doughnuts, oh doughtnuts, my favorite, I pick the ones with jam...Teddy is her usual adorable self.
a.rogue said…
You sure have a lot of fans of your cooking! Count me one of them... I swore off making donuts a few years ago but seem to slip every now and then... I just have to make them at least once a year.
The tureens are very ncie indeed and everyone's ideas of what to serve are making me feel hungry! I think they are perfect for so many things - I'd start with a nice Potato Tarragon Stew. Plenty of bread on the side in the serving dishes for the bread monster in the house...
And thanks for the fantastic tuna salad recipe! I think that will be supper!!
Autumnforest said…
Oh boy--that's a really really nice giveaway--fingers crossed. Teddy, your mommy sure makes yummy stuff. I can't imagine what your world smells like. I make doughnuts every Halloween and now you have me in the mood to do it again while the house is cool enough to heat oil and not melt away.
rox said…
Oh my that is alot of toast ! lol
I have to say you are really inspiring me for winter cooking .
Our ds14 and ds 9 just saw the pics of the doughnuts ! ds14 said about the toast " she must have alot of kids " lol he does not rememebr when his 4 older siblings still lived at home .It took me a few yrs to get used to cooking for a few rather then many .
thanks again !
Anonymous said…
i would serve home made chicken noodle soup first because i have been ill, and nothings better than hot soup in this cold weather!!!
Linda said…
Wow, I would love to have some of all these great looking foods, Yum!
a.rogue said…
Thanks! - I made the tuna salad (had to send hubby out for mayo) - it was delicious and hard to stop eating! I used white kidney beans instead of the black beans and lemon juice instead of lime to use what I had but mmmm! We will be having this often... Thank you'
Chowz Creations said…
Teddy is SO beautiful! Oh how I do love the regal Chow Chow in all their glory. =) Anxious to try your tuna salad - I never thought to add quite so many things, but it's everything I enjoy. You cook/create the most incredible dishes.
Hugs to Teddy.
mrsb said…
Oh, I'm so envious of your deep fryer, lol! I'd love to have one of those, but just don't have the kitchen space for it right now!

The mini tureens would be perfect for making individual servings of my white bean, Italian sausage and chard casserole! Everyone fights over getting the crunchy breadcrumb topping - with tureens, everyone would get their own!
What would I serve FIRST is the question that comes to *my* mind! These mini tureens are wonderful!

I suppose I would invite friends over for a nice personal serving of homemade French Onion Soup, with my homemade bread and lots of cheese to crust over the top (whatever I have on hand in the moment). More crostini would be served in the ovals methinks, alongside some homemade pickles.

Then, the question becomes ... what next?
Lyon said…
Okay I can't resist getting in on this one, the bowls are *awesome*! I would serve my favorite posole in them with some grated cheddar cheese on top and toasted tortillas on the side for dipping. =)

I'm hungry now. lol
Janet said…
OMG looks delish. I make a baked french toast that looks similar.

Thanks for checking out my kitchen redo.
Sugar Whiting said…
oooohhh those look sooo good. I wish I had nice things in my kitchen..we rent, so cant get much in there..lol..also, most of my dishes are hand me downs from mom..*sigh* I need to take cooking classes or something lol
Chaotic_Dreamer said…
Love the way you do French toast looks so yummy, I would love to see how my Taco soup would look in those bowls.
Mama Feoneafey said…
Teddy you are adorable as always! and your Mama's food all looks delectable... I bet the french toast was exceptionally yummy!!

So what would I make if I won hmmm... how about home made french onion soup ,followed buy a red pepper chicken -n- saffron rice casserole and strawberry rhubarb cobbler

Good luck every one!
Lyneya said…
Oh my goodness! I just found your blog and can't read it without feeling the need to run to my kitchen and make yummy food :)

If I had little tureens like those, I'd invite the girls over. We'd have a girls night with yummy soup, homemade bread and old BBC comedies.
Please include me in the giveaway drawing.
Carapace said…
What wonderful dishes!
And very elaborate tuna salad! But I'm getting distracted...
If these dishes were mine, I could make a Thanksgiving-level dinner every week, just for my little family! Roast a chicken or small turkey- or, ooo, a duck! in one of the largers oval dishes, get some broccoli casserole going in one tureen, some pecan dressing in another, some greens and bacon in another, some egg custard in the last... Oh yeah! And then eat out of that all week long. Perfect!

I love how much you talk about your cooking. It is really one of the great joys in life, isn't it?

Mama Feoneafey said…
THANK YOU Jaz and Teddy for this wonderful giveaway! I will get you my info before the end of the day !
Blessings to you both!
Ma Fey
Bridgett said…
Am I too late for the giveaway? Probably.

But I just have to say, both the tuna salad and the french toast looks amazing.

I swear, if I lived with you, I'd probably go up a pant size in one day. LOL Everything you make has me salivating.

And what a nice deep fryer! Wow. Homemade donuts sound absolutely divine...