Olympics, Shrimp and Jewelry Making

I can't wait for the Olympics to begin.

I got my mittens in yesterday's mail. Bring on the snow and the Winter Olympics. I can't wait to see Jaromir Jagr skate! He is coming back from Russia to skate with the Czech team.

Mexican Garlic Shrimp. I marinated a bunch of semi peeled shrimp in salted water with chopped jalapenos, lots and lots of chopped garlic and lemon grass.

Quick cook the shrimp over high heat just until they turn pink.

In restaurants they hire people called line cooks. This is a person that is in charge of one station in the kitchen. This is my line cook but I prefer to call her a 'mine cook'. When something falls to the floor, Teddy screams MINE. Sometimes the mine cook can be caught napping on the job. But don't let her fool you. Her face might be sleeping but her ears are wide awake.

I have cilantro chopped and ready for the finish.

I slice up a bunch of limes.

And I have a can of coconut milk ready.

I also have some peppers in adobo sauce out and ready to use. In this recipe, I just use some of the sauce from the jar.

As soon as the shrimp turn pink, I stir in the coconut milk, the adobo sauce and some cilantro. Then I squeeze in the juice from two limes.

I boil some thin spaghetti.

Just ladle the shrimp and sauce over the pasta and sprinkle with extra cilantro. Serve with extra lime wedges.

Very simple. Super yum!

When I was thrifting the other day I found this necklace for 99 cents. I really liked the beads. They are glass and and are pale green and white. I thought they would make a nice bracelet. Click to see the colors better.

Usually my jewelry making is much more complicated but I wanted to wear these right away so I made a very simple bracelet. I got out my jewelry board. This is calibrated so you can measure your lengths, etc..

I looked at a box of my stones and findings to get some inspiration.

I thought these turquoise beads would look nice with the big glass beads.

I keep all of my beads and findings in boxes like these.

I laid the necklace out and put other beads by it to see what would complement it.

Then I took my snippers and took the necklace apart.

I laid out all the stones saving as much as I could from the necklace.

I was able to save the clasp and the tiny stones. I will use these in another piece.

I lined up beads until I found a combination I was happy with. I used some 14 k etched beads I had.

When I make a quick piece of jewelry I always use this stretch magic cord. It's not a bad idea to do this with all your pieces and wear them a couple of times to make sure you like the way you've put them together. You can always string them permanently later.

I start threading the cord through the stones and keep them from slipping off the end by attaching a paperclip to the cord.

There you go....instant bracelet.

After you tie the cord off, you just snip the ends.

Here it is with two others I made this morning. Click for a closer look.


I always admire any one that makes something like their own jewlery or sows or any other handy work! What a smart thing that jewlery bord is! I´ve never seen anything like it I think.

I have "mine cooks" too. It´s amazing really, they can be asleep on their backs, but as soon as anything falls down they are there within a second :-) :-) Like all Your food that mexican garlic schrimp looks delicious!

Yes, the olympics! I´d hoped that I would be home recovering from surgery when that started, so I could see the whole thing :-) :-) But since it happens in Canada most things will start just when I´m comming home after work, perfect :-) As long as Jaromir Jagr isn´t to successful :-) :-) But I´m mostly looking forward to the ski biathlon and Curling!
Have a great day now!
Linda said…
Love the Olympics and can't wait!!!! Your jewelry is wonderful. Love those glass beads!
Hey, love those Olympic mittens, ha ha! Gorgeous bracelets, too.
Pricilla said…
Is there anything you DON'T do?

I am looking forward to the Olympics too.

I can't breathe around jalapenos. As soon as one gets cut open my throat starts to close. Bummer.
Teddy looks so cute waiting for a shrimp to fall....

and your mittens are adorable...too cute

looking forward to the Olympics too...something to get us through February...and you have inspired me, my friend...

working on a necklace today too for a friends birthday.....

wish I was there for that shrimp and pasta...looks so good !

more later,
Kary and Buddy
Felinae said…
The bracelets are pretty and those mittens are cute.

Teddy as photogenic as ever :)

Have a great day!
sandy said…
Ia m so excited for the Olympics to start as well! Your jewelery is beautiful!

I stopped by to welcome you to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood!
Jaz...i had to stop back by and tell you..i am laughing...was just upstairs going through and arranging all my Halloween...i feel better now...

kary and buddy
twincapes said…
Nice work, I like the color combinations.
Just Lisa said…
Love the bracelet you made! And the shrimp looks delicious!

Welcome to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!
Touchatou said…
Nice find ! I love to undo and redo jewelry too. My clients love that too ;) They bring me their old stuff and I do new ones for them. Much fun ;)

Too bad I have a case of garlic intolerance : if not your shrimps would be sooooo good !

Have 2 mine cooks now ! lolll Funny how fast a puppy learns what's good ! lolll
Jen said…
I am excited for the Olympics too.

Stopped by from SITS to say hi and welcome.
carma said…
Gol-ly you are busy!! Looking forward to watching Apollo skate in a few weeks :D

Welcome to SITS. We're glad you joined!
Cygnus MacLlyr said…
As a hockey buff m'self, I appreciate the Jagr beta!
I'm SO looking forward to The Games...

The recipe sounds great!
Lyon said…
Beautiful bead work! I can't believe you found that necklace for under a dollar, those beads are awesome. I miss thrift hunting!
Autumnforest said…
Fantastic remake of the necklace to bracelet! Wow! I'm glad you mentioned the Olympics. They have a mascot "Squatchy" based on the Sasquatch and I keep meaning to order one of the stuffed critters!
Suzie said…
LOL I don't think that Teddy is a morning dog. She is opportunistic, knowing that she will get her breakfast and any treats that happen to magically appear on the floor, so she endures. But in her deepest puppy heart, she would love to still be curled up snoozing on her cozy cushion. :-)

The shrimp looks SO good! Now I'm hungry again.

And your bracelet is lovely! You are a person of many talents and your artistic eye shows through no matter what you are doing!

Your mittens scream "FUN!", and yes! I'm looking forward to the Olympics too! There are so many more events in the Winter Games that I love, over the Summer ones. I hope that your mittens will keep your hands toasty. Winter is returning!
SugarnSpice said…
Beautiful bracelet!!