Pentagrams and the Finished Recipe

I thought I would show you some interesting pieces of jewelry I own. I had this ring made long ago. I designed it and I used gold I collected from my years of working in dentistry. People would leave their gold onlays and inlays and the dentist let me keep them. At each point on the star there is a g em stone. A green emerald on the top represents earth. The next stone is a citron representing the sun. Then a ruby which represents fire. A diamond to represent the wind. And finally, a sapphire representing water.

This is a necklace I also designed and had made by a local goldsmith.The gemstones match those on the ring. This is rather large, about 1 1/2 inches in width.

I bought this pentagram ring from Laurie Cabot's shop in Salem. She is the official witch of Salem.

I love this bat ring. It is very heavy gold. Click for a close up of his face.

You can even see his little feet.

This piece fascinates me. It came from France. It has a turquoise stone on the chest of a two headed winged creature. There are winged beetles on both sides and Fleur de lis on the points. Inside the triangle, the word abracadabra is spelled over and over again.

On the back are these words: De Vos Mains Grossieres Parmi des Poussieres Ecrivez Sorcieres Abracadabra V. Hugo

I know it is Victor Hugo and I assume it is a quote from his writing.

I used to know the story behind this but have forgotten it. My French is very limited. Someone out there help me.

So let's finish off yesterday's recipe. I made kummelweck rolls. First I pinched of balls the size of....i don't know what size they were. They looked like this!

I let them rest for 5 minutes.

Then rolled them in strips.

And tied them in loose knots.

Then folded one end over the top into the middle.

And looped the other end down under and up through the middle. This make a very nice braid.

Then they are brushed with egg whites and sprinkled with cracked course salt and caraway seeds.

They bakes at 375 degrees for about 25 minutes.


Then I melted 4 tablespoons of butter in a pan and whisked in 2 tablespoons of cornstarch.

Then I added beef stock.

I stirred it until it began to thicken.

Then added fresh cracked pepper.

And salt to taste.

And sprinkled in some dried french thyme.

Added a bit of Kitchen Bouquet.

Au jus

The rolls were all done baking.

Nice crumb.

A beef and weck with a side of horseradish and au jus.


Autumnforest said…
I'll have one to-go (our weather in the west is better for sitting outdoors and enjoying it). hee hee. I love the jewelry. Jeez, I wonder as a psychometrist, what it would be like to read a piece made from gold that had been in many people's mouths. My fingers itch to wonder. I recently talked to someone about wanting to do oil painting again and decided that I should try painting the psychic images I get when I read people's possessions. I'm going to run out this week and pick up supplies and start doing it. Maybe some day, I'll do custom psychic images from reads I do for people. I love the idea because I often tell them all the details I pick up, but to show them the image I see from their mind...that would be so rewarding. I love your idea of the jewelry. It's sort of karmic for work well done and you carry their energy and gratitude. Hm....
My french is really not good, but it´s something like this: In Your hands(something) with(?) (something) witches write abracadabra. Does it help anything? That looks like something from ancient Egypt.

I think that the food is something my old grandmother did long ago when she was alive. Tastes wonderful :-)
Have a great day now!
I would venture something like this for the Victor Hugo quotation: "With your large, rough hands, Write, witches, in the dust: Abracadabra." The triangular arrangement of the repeated word "Abracadabra" is undoubtedly some kind of charm based on sacred geometry, I would think.
Monaxe said…
Love your collection of pentagrams! I've been to Salem Mass twice and I'm planing a trip this May also. I have a very close freind there and I love to visit him. Salem is a beatyful city with a very interesting story! //Monica
Pricilla said…
My fluency in French went out of my head with my surgery. Sorry...

I love bats. Just adore them. The ring is great!
And the sandwich looks yummy.
Did the blog tech win his game?
Touchatou said…
"The someone out there" would be me, I think ! lolll
"With your rough hands, among dusts, write witches : abracadabra... "
It comes from a poem : La Ronde du Sabbat. I found the integral in french but could not find it in english. I'll give a try to a translation and send it to you. ;)
clairedulalune said…
Your collection is expectional! The necklace is enchanting, I do hope you find out what the translation is!
Autumn said…
I love the jewelry! I admit that I was more excited to see Beef on Weck!! I'm from Upstate NY and I love beef on weck. Looks amazing!
The Frog Queen said…
Absolutely stunning pieces. Thanks so much for sharing them. I appreciate that they are gold. Being fair skinned I don't wear silver, and I find it difficutlt to find unusual jewerly in gold - so I just love these pieces.

Suzie said…
What gorgeous jewelry! I love unique pieces, and you have a gift for finding the unusual!

If you are able to get the translation for the poem, would you please share it with us?

And your food! Oh the FOOD!! Yum, yum, yum!!! Did you grind your own horseradish too? It doesn't look like it came out of a jar! ;-)
I'm So Pretty said…
I love the bat ring - very cool!!!!
Bridgett said…
Oh my goodness! I LOVE the ring and pendant you designed. I would totally buy those pieces myself. Just beautiful.

As for the finished meal...WOW. My husband just fell in love with you, I think. :)

Do you have recipes for these things or is it all in your head? Your skills just amaze me.

Nancy said…
First, for a complete translation of your quote, visit this blog:

Now, on to the sandwich! I went to college in Buffalo and have longed for beef on weck since I finished school. THANK YOU!