A Surprise in the Mail

The decorations are still up.

I haven't wanted to brave the elements to take them down.

The roses are still blooming in this weather.

The stone pines are covered in a heavy layer of snow.

Snow on the porch tree.

Santa looks freaky covered in snow.

I haven't gone thrifting in months. I just don't have room for more stuff. But I went the other day looking for things to turn into cake pedestals. I hit the jackpot. I found 4 of these pink depression glass plates for 59 cents each.

I got this cute little casserole for 25 cents.

This divided relish dish was 49 cents.

These gold trimmed plates with roses were 39 cents each.

This reticulated plate was 39 cents.

I have a set of these bowls in yellow. This clear one was 99 cents.

This whole box full of glass pedestals and plates was 13.00.

I received a most wonderful surprise in the mail today from my blog buddy in Quebec. She tumbles stones and make jewelry from them. Aren't these beautiful? She made me runes.

She made me two sets.

Look at this stone.

It shines like a jewel.

I think the best presents are handmade.

I love these gifts. Thanks so much LuLu!!!!


Anonymous said…
The runes and stone is beautiful. And I love your bargains you found.
Poor Santa with his faceful of snow! And what gorgeous runes!
The bottom stone is so beautiful! I´ve read that runes were used in sweden well in to the eiteenth century. Our lettres Å, Ä and Ö are comming from the runes they say.

Fantastic that roses still are in bloom in Your garden! here they are long gone :-) Over here we say that Christmas lasts until January 13:th. Then we have something we call tree robbing. If not before, then the tree is dressed with candy that children then robbes from the tree :-)
Have a great day now!
William Bezek said…
I like those pink plates! I once sat down to a very chic luncheon on some similar set upon a pink toile de jouy table cloth with a vase of pink cabbage roses...lovely.
Pricilla said…
Your stone is a labradorite. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous gemstone. Mostly mined in Canada and Russia but they have found some high quality mines in Madagascar lately.

My mother had runes. I kept one that I carry with me. The rest went into the ocean with her ashes.

I used to collect depression glass when I had a real house. Ruby. Had service for 8. *sigh*
your thrift stores are SO much better than ours. i'm very jealous.
Autumnforest said…
Treasures and more treasures. You bring it to you with your loving positive attitude. I love the runes. They are super cool! The snow on Santa--poor guy--you sure he can breathe? Hee hee
Luschka said…
Great pictures here. I specifically like the close up of the semi precious stone!
johnsb said…
Lovely to look at all that snow - especially in the middle of a heatwave!
I had to gasp - PINK GLASS !!!!
I've been collecting pink glass for well on 30 years and with mum's glass have over 150 pieces - your pattern (I think) is Sandwich by Indiana - of course I really should move my rear and get my book off the shelf to confirm that - nice find!
Bronny said…
Sigh - when will I learn to check that it is MY name and not my son's when I post a comment????
It's not quite Sandwich by Indiana, but if you are interested, I can investigate a bit more when I get home tonight...
Touchatou said…
A pleasure love ;) The big one is a Labradorite. The blue ones are Sodalite, and the little red one are Garnets. ;)

Nice find ! What beautiful dishes. ;) I look forward seeing what you'll come uo with them, ;)
Rue said…
Beautiful runes! You have a wonderful friend!

All the Santas look like they got a whipcream pie in the face! I haven't taken down my outdoor decorations yet either. But the snow is melting here now - so soon....
oldblackcatboo said…
OHHHHH! I LOVE your thrift finds!
So jealous!
Suzie said…
Poor Santa! Can't see where he is going! And the other one just barely can! I hope they don't decide to take a step forward!!
What lovely finds!! Seeing those depression glass plates makes me think of my Grammie who had multiple full sets in different colors and patterns, and how I loved just studying them when the sunlight came through her china cabinets. .I have a very small collection of dessert plates and sherberts, and believe me, you got a super bargain!!

And what a super special gift!! Those Runes are awesome! I'm sure that they warmed your heart when you saw what you had received.
How wonderful to have roses blooming in the dead of winter. Don't worry I still have a tree up inside, put it up late and just cant seem to bring myself to taking it down yet.

High Five on the treasures you found not only in the mail but also at the thrift store!
Bridgett said…
You're right...Santa does look freaky covered in snow! LOL And I cannot believe those roses are still blooming. Wow!

I'm astounded by all your beautiful finds at the thrift shop. Truly beautiful stuff in that $13 box.

And those runes! Beautiful!

twincapes said…
Wow wonderful runes. Your recipes are great also, I'm enjoying looking through your posts.