Thrift Finds

I have to stop this. But it is so hard. There are such good deals out there. Today was half off day at the thrift store. Aren't these little colanders cute? 50 cents each.

And look at this cute honey pitcher. I've never seen a honey pitcher before. I usually just see honey pots. This has a little lip on the inside to keep the honey from running down the front. 85 cents.

This little wicker chair was marked 95 cents and was half off of that.

I got 4 of these purple glass plates. 2.50 for the set.

Though I already have deviled eggs plates, I couldn't pass this up for 1.45.

I found one of these last week for 49 cents. At half off, this was less than a dollar.

This larger relish dish ended up being about 1.50.

The only catch to all of these bargains is the house I am going to have to buy if I can't control my thrifting!


The honey pitcher was really cute and I do like the two colanders too. But those prices are really and with half of it´s nothing :-)
Have a great day now!
Linda said…
Oh I am with you on the hard to stop thrifting! I found so many great bargains after Christmas that I still haven't found places for them yet. I haven't even posted all my finds on my blog yet! I love the little colanders and those relish dishes are so cute and such a good price they would be coming home with me also. In face I have some almost like those! My idea for buying them that cheap is that they make a good hostess gift when you go somewhere, with goodies on them and then the hostess keeps the dish! Honey pitcher is really cute also.
William Bezek said…
Let's see...You could start your own Vintage shop on Etsy?
Pricilla said…
With needing so much stuff for the house I wish I had access to your shops!
the honey pitcher is precious!
Melodie said…
I wish I could find a thrift shop like that! So much good stuff and for almost nothing!
Suzie said…
LOL Are you searching through my cupboards? Last time I looked, I had four of those lovely amethyst plates, and both of those relish dishes, along with the same pattern of deviled egg plate.

I used to have a honey pitcher like that until my younger daughter broke it when she was little. They are unique, and I'm so happy you found one!

And I love the collanders. .they look to be in wonderful condition, and I love those colors!

Don't let my witch dolls see that chair! They'll be casting a spell your way for it to mysteriously appear in their garden this summer! ;-)

I sure wish that we had thrift shops around here, like you are frequenting. .but knowing me, maybe it is better that we don't!
Autumnforest said…
Man, can you send those thrift stores my way? That's wickedly amazing!
Touchatou said…
Where do you find all these things !!! I am sooooo envious ! lolll
Dia said…
How fun!! Love those amythest plates!! I'm in a Red Hat group, (Bodaceous Babes - or is it Belles) & I would so love to fins some!!
I also need to curb my desire to bring home all the cute bargains I find . . .
What awesome finds! We have a great thrift store in our area that I go to regularly. They have Bag Day where it is $5.00 for everthing you can fit in a paper shopping bag! I love it. We catered our own wedding and I used so many beautiful pieces that I found there.
Bridgett said…
I LOVE that little honey pitcher. So adorable.