A Thrifting Bonanza

I almost got jumped in the checkout line at the thrift store yesterday. It was all because of this tea cup. A tea cup collector caught sight of this in my cart and just lost it. She grabbed it out of the cart and started squealing. I don't frighten easily but this was a bit weird. I don't know much about tea cups but apparently this was quite a steal for 1.95. I guess I should have let her have it but I was so startled I wasn't thinking clearly. Thrift shop checkouts can be scary places.

It is awfully cute though.

This silver pierced Sheffield platter was 1.00. I didn't even have to polish it.

This silver Rogers platter was also 1.00.

These two crocheted doilies are perfect for Valentine's Day. 1.29

A set of 7 crocheted doilies for 2.49.

This table runner is embroidered in red and looks like a German piece to me.

This will be a future giveaway. These are brand new covered soup bowls in individual baskets with two oval servers. Perfect for chili and chips or for soup and crackers.

I found two of these.

The embroidery is wonderful and one has a pink crocheted edge.

A nice footed pressed glass bowl. 1.29

Another leaf plate.

Four relish dished which could be used for banana splits. Does anyone eat banana splits anymore?

A nice leaf plate. These would look so nice used together on a harvest buffet table.

Thank god the tea lady didn't see this or I might not have survived the check out. It was 1.25.

This bowl looked horrible when I picked it up in the store. It cost 1.00.

It sure looks better after going through the dishwasher.

Teddy is watching me return from the thrift store.

Oh no mama....not more glass.

Don't they sell anything there that I can eat?

Harumff.....am I going to have to move to make room for more glass?

Between cleaning glass, I found time to make some pies.

This is a blueberry pie.

This is a pie made from the peaches I canned last summer and some blackberries.

I made some little individual ones for my kids.

And I made one apple pie too.

A beautiful pressed glass platter. 1.00

Teddy looks like she is ready to run away from home. She doesn't like thrift shopping. There is nothing in it for her.

Another divided platter.

And a spare sugar bowl.

When combined make a nice platter for veggies and dip.

I love this one.

This is oval shaped and very nice.

This is an interesting platter because it is raised in the middle.

I found this milk glass compote...

I like them paired up with each other.

Another nice bowl.


Joy said…
What amazing finds! I'm glad no one got hurt in the excitement of the tea cup! ;o) Teddy is such a handsome fellow!

p.s. welcome to the SITS community!
Laura said…
i am in love with that teapot! it is so beautiful!
Felinae said…
You find the prettiest items and at such good prices.
That tea cup is very cute.

Wow, those are amazing finds. And no way should you have let her have the teacup. If she had been merely enthusiastic and asked politely to take a look at your cup, perhaps, but screaming should not be rewarded!
Melodie said…
I especially love the doilies,scarves and runners! I can never pass those up at the thrift stores!
Collectors can be a bit scary :-) My mother had a quite similar experiense with a coffee cup at an auktion :-) :-)

I can see that Teddy doesn´t need her leg warmers any more, is she feeling any better now?
Have a great day now!
rox said…
Oh I love love love that teacup ! The saucer is so different . I've not seen one like that before .
Yes those prices are incredible !
How do you make the tops of the pies so shiny ?
I am so looking foward to trying the scotch pies . I'm waiting for Feb. 1st and we did pick up some ground lamb for the pies . The weather turned cold here again so warm food is a must .
Thanks again for such beautiful posts they really perk me up .
My dear, you are now the reigning "Thrift Queen", and Teddylove is "Princess Chow-Chow".
Fabulous fruit pies. Ya'll have a great weekend.
unbelievable. i just cannot believe the stuff you find - and the prices!! milk glass compote looks very cute with the glass. and obviously, love, Love, LOVE the peacock stuff:)
can't wait to see more...
The Frog Queen said…
I love the tea pot....I never find anything that good in my area....guess I gotta get out more. Thanks for the inspiration!

i'm getting in the car..it ALL a huge score...

love the teacup and teapot...i have got to start looking for old teacups too....and that milk glass compote is a winner ...and the look on Teddy's face,,,too cute..what a doll...

wish me luck..i'm heading to the goodwill....

and the pies look wonderful...

have a great weekend


kary and buddy
goodness girl where do you go and get such things..... and at such wonderful prices... love the tea cup...
William Bezek said…
Lovely pies, frightening doilies (I told you I have a doilie phobia).
Linda said…
The teacup lady would have scared me also! I am glad you got it and that sweet tea pot and survived! Wow did you get some wonderful glass! Poor Teddy this just isn't his favorite thing is it. I love the linens also...OK, I loved everything you got!!!
TMCPhoto said…
I'd be the same as you, thinking I should have let her have it way after the fact. I am salivating over your future give away. I want I want I want. I'm already picturing the rich stew and dumplings I'd serve in them...
Toria said…
The tea cup & saucer is gorgeous, I'm glad the scary collector only screamed & didn't try to fight you for it.

I had a banana split just a few days ago - yum!
Pricilla said…
Your thrift shops price very low. Particularly on their depression glass. Purple in particular. It is VERY rare and usually VERY expensive so your finds are really tremendous. Red is usually next then pink then green in rarity. There is an abundance of clear. It's all striking in its own way.
My mother had a huge collection of carnival glass. I think my brother has it now.
idrawpix said…
OMG Jaz!! PIE! I love PIE!
Another yummy post. Thanks!
Touchatou said…
Where do you find the time ?? lollll
You scored! I love the photos of the dog too!

Welcome to SITS, it's great to have you join.I'm hosting a giveaway for a free YOU PICK pair of eyeglasses with your single vision prescription. FREE, I know...how cool. Come on over.
Still amazed at the things you find:) And your pies are mouthwatering!
Thanks for the tip about listerine. I know we can get the blue type, so I'm on the lookout for brown. Big kiss for Teddy.
Raven_Nightwind said…
I probably would have cracked a good one for touching anything in my cart I hate that, lol the teacup is beautiful.
Suzie said…
Maybe that lady forgot to take her medication! :-) I've encountered some collectors from time to time too, and their enthusiasm outweighs any sort of civility.

Ooooh, more textiles, beautiful glass, luscious pies, and gorgeous Teddy! Sensory overload! I LOVE it!
Bronny said…
What a lot of finds.... I can name a couple of the items for you.
The nice oval one near the end is "Miss America" and the milk glass compote is "Lace Edge" by Anchor Hocking (Fire King)
I love looking at your thrift store buys - I've not done much at all in the past 6 months or so. I'm trying to cut down on the glass I do buy!
what an absolutely fantastic baking and thrifting day... love the little teacup and saucer...bring it with you to our "mad hatter party' on the 23rd of October....
Bex said…
Where is this amazing thrift store??
Bridgett said…
I think I would have been punching the freaky tea lady. LOL

Such beautiful pieces you find!